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Thread: 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

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    Default 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

    Judging by the ecu i have, the engine i got came out of a 1997 Toyota Chaser.

    I'm at the point now where i lengthened the engine harness, and i know i'll have to pull out the automatic transmission control wires still, as i'll be using my old auto box the normal way.

    The problem im facing is i am missing the 18P and 28P ecu connector that connect the ecu to the car itself. Does anyone have the partnumbers for these, or knows what other cars caried this 34P 22P 16P 28P ecu plug configuration?

    And secondly does anyone have a wiring schematic to help me out here, especialy about the 5 plugs that do not directly go to the ecu itself?
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    Default Re: 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

    Ok, since i want to use my stock A340E transmission and control it with the old TCU, i decided to cut open the old 7MGTE harness and trace the wires.
    After a few hours of work i got to the point where i only had powersteering wire, the C1 plug (and the NSW and coldstart injector wire) and the transmission plugs left on one end and on the other end the ecu plugs are gone.
    I've labeled everything and pretty much figured out where they need to go in the JZX100 ecu. One thing i'm still wondering is where the ECT wire would go to on the JZX ecu (as that has integrated trans control). If anyone knows if that ECT wire is an output of the ecu or an input from the tcu to the ecu that would be nice.

    Next week it's trace the 1JZ harness week as i'll be looking at those 5 plugs that don't go into the new ecu and see if i can merge my 7M bodyplugs on there.

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    Default Re: 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

    I found out where the ECT pin on the ECU goes to.
    It goes to the OD1 pin on the ECT itself, and to the cruise control computer.
    Looks like i might be able to mis this and run ok.

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    Default Re: 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

    The ECU pinouts you have are for Soarer. When I did my wiring on my VVTi I didn't use that pinout they are not the same for VVTi. If your ECU is for a 97 chaser the plugs from a 95 chaser or Soarer will work. The blue plug is power to igniter, coils and injectors. For the most part I used my multimeter and just toned all the wires needed. Tach signal is the same as 7MGTE or Non VVTi 1jz, so that works by just moving the pin to where the 7M/1jz tach pin is on the body connector, same goes for water temp. My VVTi is 5 speed so I don't know much about that part.

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    Default Re: 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

    I got oilpressure, tach and water temp sorted. Check engine light too.
    All diagnostics plug wiresd that i have are connected too.
    Just gotta verify my fuel pump relay.

    As for the gearbox, i am leaving out the spd1 signal from the tach to ecu and gearbox (its redundant on ect as it used the spd2 from the gearbox itself). Not letting spd come to ecu means no speed limiter active. Temperature input for the gearbox is still something to take care of, i may just fake the gearbox control unit into thinking the engine is warm all the time.
    I will have to fabricate a kickdown cable mechanism on the VVTI throttle body.

    Since AC is gone i wont have that idle up input on the ecu anymore, defrog is still going in.

    From the old loom i just have the gearbox plugs, alternator wiring (lengthened and rerouted), PPS wires and some of the C1 plug wires left.

    I'm hoping to get the engine in this week and then sort out potential wiring problems this weekend.

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    Default Re: 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

    Gotta build a pcb which changes the 5v pulse from FPC to a switched ground to get the fuel pump relay going.

    Engine is in but when the gearbox was on i found out the torque converter for the 7M is 2.5 cm's further back, so now i have to either fabricate something or get a 1JZ torque converter.

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    Default Re: 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

    Filled all fluids today, did some custom work on making a kickdown cable hookup en throttle cable brace from the old 7M stuff and then pulled the wiring loom through the firewall.

    Built up some oilpressure and then hooked the FC wire to ground , click.. vroom vroom :-)

    Only issue i have now is that i dont have a tacho signal in the dash. Should a Chaser tacho signal make the dash work or do i need to mod something?

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    Default Re: 1JZ-GTE VVTI connectors and wiring questions

    hello i have a couple of questions,its a 1jz vvti chaser loom with an auto ecu.i have wired 12v up all the wires in the blue plug that go to coils an injectors,also in the white plug i put 12v to red/black wires that fo to air flow meter.it will run with the air flow meter plug out,wen i plug it in it stops,i have checked the wires from ecu to plug all ok,i have 12v 5v and all the rest goes to ecu..i have powered up b1 b ign sw an batt..i have earthed eo1 eo2 e11 e1..is ther any other wires i have left out thanks.

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