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SupraMania FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.


Supramania takes a rather unique view on Vendors. We managed to swindle free server space and bandwidth from Supracentral, and as such, we have no bills to pay. Therefore, we do not *need* paid vendors. This makes things interesting, and allows us to pick and choose our vendors - mostly we choose people who have demonstrated support for our generation Supra. Someone who custom manufactures a unique part has a much better chance of becoming a full vendor than a generic parts store.

How to become a Vendor

To request Vendor status, complete this form: SM Vendor Application.

Upon completion your application will be reviewed by all Supramania staff members. A vote will be held and you will be informed of the results. In general it takes about a week for everyone to review the application. Please be patient, you will get a reply.

Types of Vendors:

Misc Vendors Sticky, Locked: This is an Information style post. If a specific place offers a product or service that many members have found to be good, we will create a sticky thread with your contact information and lock it. This requires no input from the vendor themselves.

Misc Vendors Sticky, Unlocked: This is for those vendors aspiring to a full forum. They'll get an open stickied thread where they can post information, answer questions, ask for feedback, whatever they want.

Vendor Forum: This is the top level for Vendors. Vendors with their own forum get a complete subform and the rights to Moderate it. Generally this happens after a time as a Misc Vendor where the traffic volume is so high that it is unmanageable in a single thread.

Vendor Responsibilities

Provide technical and general support for products you carry and/or make.

Respond to inquiries and/or complaints in a timely matter.

Strive to fill voids in the current product offerings.

Work with and not against other vendors as much as possible.

You should tell the members how long you have been involved with the Supra community and how long you have been in business. Furthermore, all vendors should maintain a website / phone number / address that is publicly available.

Active participation in the site is required. Not logging in for long periods is grounds for removal.

How to retire your vendor

If you need to retire, simply PM an Admin, or email admin@supramania.com, we will recycle your vendor spot to another deserving business. Furthermore, if you want to reduce your involvement - for instance, move from a full forum to simply a locked sticky in the misc section, we can do that as well.

How Vendor status gets revoked

There are several ways for this to happen.

Essentially, vendors go from Active, to Suspended, to Removed. Suspended vendors are placed in quarantine until the vendor can explain what's going on. Being suspended more than twice, or being on suspension for more than 2 weeks will get your vendor status Removed or at the very least, reduced.

Little or not activity in your section/thread. Not logging in frequently.

Failing to respond to members that have problems with your products will get you suspended.

Failing to respond to threads or PMs in your section will get you suspended.

Maximum Vendor Forums

We do not want to clutter the forums with so many vendor forums that members do not know where to go. Therefore, we have set a limit of between 10-15 vendor forums at a time - if there are already many active vendor forums, then you will have to wait for a spot to clear.

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