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Broke but happy

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OK, so I'm not quite broke, I have a "good" job, in that it's steady and that it pays ok... It could be better, but I guess it pays well for the level of stress and the level of work that I actually do... And it leaves me enough free time to be able to take photos after hours, which is something I definately enjoy doing...

However, having just purchased 2 tickets to the states for myself and my gf, and doing the budgeting for the rest of the trip, leaves me in the position of knowing that I can do this, but needing to make sure I keep a lid on what I spend from now until we leave.. It also puts me in an awkward position here at work, I am overdue for a salary review, my costs have definately increased, as has my workload since the last time I got a raise, however, my boss knows full well I've just paid for 2 tickets to the US and will probably try to tell me things can't be too bad if I can afford to do that...

Anyway, I don't even know where this is going... I think I said somewhere along the lines that half of the blog would probably just be me dribbling random crap... Well, here's some more to add to that rather sloppy pile...

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  1. bountykilla0118's Avatar
    Enjoy life, work to live and never live to work. Money is great to have, but the wealthiest person isnít necessarily the one with the most $$ the way I see it one day you will die and when you die .... wont wish you had more money, you will wish you had done more with the money instead of pay bills!

    With that said most people donít understand "value" they only understand price ...... Well the value of happiness and fulfillment canít be put on a price tag.

    Enjoy life
  2. supraphoenix's Avatar
    I suggest you still go for the raise at work. The asking for a review of your job performance has little to do with your personal life and everything to do with your actual job performance! As long as you frame your conversation correctly and come prepared with actual numbers to back up your hard work (e.g. successful projects completed) and let him/her know that your workload has increased and you do DESERVE a pay raise. Regardless of how much money you were previously making. At the very least it puts you on the radar for a future raise, and makes you look like you are super involved as an employee. GOOD LUCK!
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