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[Question for everybody]

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How would everyone invert there money for an extra 100 or 300 a month, possibly a week?

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  1. te72's Avatar
    At this very moment, I'd be saving it up until I had about 3k saved up, then put that money toward selling my SS on the cheap. Then again, I'm trying to pay off debt, so I can focus on the Supra a bit more...
  2. Insidious Surmiser's Avatar
    bills bills bills
  3. Supracentral's Avatar
    Read this:

    feel free to comment in the thread if you need more info.
  4. carter's Avatar
    Hey Supracentral, I'll check that out here in a second. I was just wondering what you guys would have to say. I mean i've bought a supra couldn't do anything with it. Sold most of the stuff and doubled my money. So just wanted to see what all people had to say.
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