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mk3 good all round ride

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Hey everyone,i bought a 1986.5 supra n/a ,5 speed about 3 years ago,it was a one owner car,well cared for.As i have owned her and researched it i have run across many haters of this machine.I can say ive owned several other gt cars and this one ranks towards the top,for its age it is super dependable,good mileage,looks good,runs great,you cant tell its running at idle unless ya look at the tach,i bet when this car was new it would do everything on the speedometer,it just gets old listening to people put this car down,i really dont understand this,id get in it right now and drive her across the country,its built like a little tank,rides fine,handles great,the a c will run ya out of the car,i just put valveoline synthetic racing oil in it and it runs even smoother,ill keep it,care for it,and proudly drive it anywhere.By the way i own a 1980 trans am with a 540 c.i. pontiac engine,870 h.p.,,,,800 ft lbe of torque its my fast car,my supra is my classy street cruzer,mabey a 2jz turbo one day.

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  1. te72's Avatar
    Welcome to the forum man, should post some pictures in an introduction thread. Wouldn't mind seeing that TA...
  2. 57p00rbob's Avatar
    I too have a Mk111 NA and love it. I agree with everything you said except the milage. Great car. I have a 1959 corvette w/ a 468 built up pretty nicely [by me]. Iv'e never dyno'd it i think around 600. One thing im sure of in that 2800 # car w/ Doug Nash 5-spd detroit locker it scares me on a reg. basis. The supra is so much more refined what a pleasure to drive. Just picked up a 2JZGE from a 97 SC300 plan to swap to that w/ turbo kit. After watching supras on UTUBE i cant help myself
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