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7mgte 280zx

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Well my overly modded NA is almost completely gone now, it's parts scattered to worthy recipients in my area. The only piece remaining, my sterling example of non-turbo motor obsession, is waiting to be transplanted into a friends MKII track car. I'll try to document the swap and results when it happens, it should be quite the show.

In the meantime that leaves me carless. My poor 280zx that I rescued from the junkyard suffers from an acute case of Early Nissan Electronics Syndrome and stubbornly refuses to be dependable despite the solid rebuild. I've been depending on my VFR for transportation but I itch for that tuned straight six scream.

Hence my current project. I have in my garage a machined 7MGTE that I didn't want to put in my beater MKIII and never built. I'm am currently collecting parts to build it up and swap it into my Datsun. My will is strong, my mallet is stronger, and I have nothing better to do.

The plan so far is for a 57-trim build running MSII with all supporting mods. I'm shooting for 350+HP, which in a 2800lb car should be quite....intimidating. I'm still in the beginning stages so it will probably be some time before any appreciable progress is made but it's good to be back in the 7M game. Once I get going I guess I'll start a build thread in Other Cars.

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  1. te72's Avatar
    I've been in a 240z with a 7m making around 480whp, that car was downright horrifyingly quick. Might have something to do with sitting with your back 6" from the rear wheels...
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