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So i'm sitting here listening to Dire Straits...

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...and even though i'm on the clock, i'm thinking about where i'd like to be a few years from now. I can justify the daydreaming, because the support system is constantly telling me there's no support work to be done. Nothing. Nada. In 5 hours, i've answered one single 15 second phone call. And that was from the boss checking the SIP phone worked.

So, it's mostly a combination of 'Walk of Life' by Dire Straits, and 'Every little thing she does is Magic' by The Police that has really set me off. I guess the last couple of days, i've been thinking about what life will be like in the future, but those musical cues have prompted me to write it down. Now i've mentioned WHERE i'd like to live in previous blogs, but not really mentioned how i imagine i'd like things to be like. Everyone does it at least once in their lives.

I don't want a big house, just big enough for Amy & I - two large bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, dining room and maybe a utility room. Some garden outside. Hanging baskets with some flowers in, raised beds for some veggies...maybe some canes set up for green beans & peas. A water butt in the corner to conserve the rainwater for the garden on hot days. A Barbecue i made myself. Some kind of bird table, maybe.

Next to that, a workshop, the sort of garage space that will never have a car parked in it. A decent driveway that's actually suitable for working on. I want to be able to have room to put all my tools neatly away, and still have some sort of bench space. Ever seen Gran Torino? Yeah - that sort of tool setup. I want a pillar drill, a MIG welder and an air compressor. For woodwork, i want a decent workbench and a band saw. Dammit, i want to be happily sat in my workshop, welding things. Building things.'stuff'.

I've got a list of things in my head i want to build. A bed is one of them. Every single bed i've had, for the last 24 years, has been pretty crap. Hardboard and cheap aluminium that always creaks and breaks after 2-4 years of use. Yeah, i know i'm not exactly a feather weight, but it's not as if i'm jumping up and down on it, i'm STATIONARY.

Now, when i was growing up, my dad, before he became an asshole, was actually pretty capable at woodwork, and built my first bed, with my mum. Strong, varnished hardwood, intricate patterns carved in it with little more than a blunt chisel and a 20 year old black & decker drill. I loved that bed. So i've decided that the next bed i sleep in, will be the one i sleep in for the rest of my unfortunately limited lifespan.

I want to build a hardwood bed for Amy & I. Something larger than king size, i want fucking EMPEROR size. I want room for us to both lay on our backs, and have SPACE to be comfortable. To go with it - i want to build the side tables, the dresser, i want to go on a mass furniture building spree! I think this stems from the desire to be productive, to make something and be proud of it. Now, i don't plan on having any kids for the moment - not until i'm financially stable and certain that i'm not going to be a bad father, but it might be that 'look what daddy made' feeling someday i may end up wanting. Yeah, it's vague, but i want to try and put a reason behind this.

Inside, i don't want all singing, all dancing, latest stuff - i'm happy with the simple life. I have a telly, and a PS3, a computer, a decent audio setup, but that's pretty much it for me, aside from my library of books and photographs from ages past. Being comfortable, to me, is pretty easy. About the only thing i'd spend money on, is a decent kitchen. With a woodburning stove (something like an AGA or Rayburn), some old enamelled cast iron pans...or some new ones; depends how much le creuset sells for! Big fridge. Oh yes, definitely a big bugger. Deep Freeze in the utility room. Enough in there to survive a Holocaust. Make soup and don't fancy it? Freeze it. That sort of thing.

As for a career...well, i'm pretty set on wanting to be a welder. I want to be able to take a shitty, rusty shell of a car, and restore it. I honestly want to do that, or machining for a living. Sure it's not glamorous, but it's well paid, it's skilled work and FUCK WORKING IN AN OFFICE. This goes for Retail as well. Seriously, i never want to be stuck in a cubicle answering phones or dealing with dipshit customers day in day out. Of course, this isn't to say i'm not prepared to work either, for monetary gain, until i get settled and up and running, but they're both work environments i find intrinsically hostile to my mental health! I do have a short fuse when it comes to dealing with the educationally challenged, after all...

Of course, this is all so i can provide for my beloved wife - this is a woman who i'd go to the ends of the earth for. Seriously. I don't say it often enough, sometimes. It gets awkward being soppy all the time, but i like to remind her that all i want to do in life from now on, is to make her happy & keep her safe. Not to say i don't want to be happy too, but she makes me happy, looking after her gives me some sort of purpose & direction. I'm also happy enough to give up everything i have, if needed. Example. The cars. If it made her unhappy, or we needed the money for something more worthwhile - they're going on eBay. At the end of the day - it's all just STUFF that can be replaced. Cars are just cars. Plus - what would you rather have, a safe, secure relationship without any money worries, or a shiny car on your driveway thats causing financial and emotional headaches? If you answer with the latter, i'll beat you upside the head with a wiffleball bat. Twice.

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  1. te72's Avatar
    Seems idle thoughts aren't always a bad thing sir. I'd say the only problem you're going to run in to making that bed would be the mattress. I'm sure you could have one custom made, but I've never seen anything bigger than a California King size. They might make bigger for all I know, that would be pretty badass.

    As for the house, I'm the same way. Only thing I'd like to envision is a big enough garage (garages?) to park the cars of my old lady and myself, with enough driveway space to have some guests over... All I need though, I have.
  2. Kai's Avatar
    Mattresses aren't hard to find in those sizes here. I'd get a double sprung one that's quite hard (for my back). Emperor size is 84" wide by 78" long, although you can go even bigger and get a Caesar size, which is 96" wide by 78" long. I doubt that that would fit in any bedroom in a typical English house though. Garage space in the UK is pretty hard to find, at least in anything large enough to fit more than an Austin Maxi into. Seriously, my grandmother had what i thought was a large garage, you could park her BMW E30 in it....but you couldn't open the doors and get out. So most are used for storage and a workshop more than actually putting a car in. As long as i have a driveway that can fit two cars in, i'm fine.
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