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Things i hate about the 'scene'

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Right - after spending some time on a few car forums, i've come to the conclusion that the majority of car owners these days, aren't interested in restoring a car, or working on it properly, they want to be cheap. And they want to validate their cheapness and corner cutting by making it into a trend. This is my opinion on various 'scene' things that irritate the crap out of me.

Slammed Look - Seriously impractical, uncomfortable for use on anything other than a perfectly flat road, you're only doing it so you can fit in with the other losers that do this. You're not running a drag car, or a drift machine.

Stretched Tyres - Dangerous, looks crap, you're just too cheap to buy tyres that fit on the wheels you've chosen. If you're using the tyres as a means to fit the tread under the arch to be legal - next time, buy some wheels that fit on your fucking car.

Stance - Negative camber does have a place. A road car is not it. Wheels at stupid angles not only make you look like a dick, but your tyres wear unevenly on the tread. Combine with slammed & stretched for +1 danger points.

Matte Black Paint - Just screams 'i'm too cheap to have the car painted properly'. Yes, there are some good vehicles that look good in matte black from the factory, but it's doubtful you own one of them.

Stick on Fender Flares - Cheap and nasty looking, need i say more?

Fart cans - These are self explanatory, at least, to those of us that have some sense of taste. Does your car require a 4" drainpipe hanging underneath it? Probably not. Buy a proper fucking exhaust.

Race Seats in shit cars - Although safety is something to be commended, honestly, you're making yourself look like a cock, sticking 300 racing seats in a front wheel drive hatchback that's never going to see a track more than once in its lifetime. Waste of money.

Rat look - Way of covering up the fact you're too cheap to have a rust patch repaired. What's worse is the people that make their cars mobile tetanus factories, taking perfectly good body panels, stripping them clean and trying to MAKE them rusty - WTF are you people on?

Sticker bombing - another way of covering up rust holes and crap bodywork.

By doing any/all of the above just makes me want to murder you.

Some cars, at least the ones from the 70's and 80's which are becoming 'classic' are dwindling away in supply, yet these people aren't sympathetically restoring them or using any kind of style sense - they're just ruining them. I see cars that could be perfectly nice, good cars, only to end up in the hands of some moron with a socket set, who's too cheap to fix things properly and would rather bodge everything. You see these smug twats everywhere, thinking their cars look fantastic, or 'unique'. Wrong. You're not unique. You're just another idiot thats ruined a car and is finding some way of validating what you've done.

Of course, some of you are going to need examples. shit: NOT shit:

Now of course, a disclaimer. I own two Mk3's. I don't like the way either of them look, they're not show worthy, or even particularly photogenic. But, i'm not about to say they're 'rat look' - cause then i'd be a total cunt.

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  1. te72's Avatar
    I hear ya Kai. My car may not "look" as "cool" as some of these "unique" vehicles, but I guarantee you that it's faster than 90% of them. Don't you know though, "feeling" fast is way better than actually "being" fast... sheesh, thought you would have picked up on that by now.

    As for the "rat" look, it has it's place. In hot rod culture. Now, as much as I love classic Japanese and some old Euro cars, the rat look is NOT for them. Not for another 30 years anyway... I mean, if your car is shit to begin with, and not worth the trouble to restore (there are examples of those to be found), then have fun. If it's a minor thing though, fix it before it becomes an issue.
  2. boostcraver's Avatar
    Damn, Kai. Tell us how you really feel. For real though, +1 to your sentiments. If I may add one to your list...obnoxious body kits. I don't mean the simple ones that subtly enhance the lines of the car and could be mistaken for stock. I mean the loud ones that have 50 gajillion scoops, flares, angles, lips, ridges, and overhangs and leave approximately 5 cm of ground clearance up front. The absolute worst offenders don't even have the decency to paint their shit or fit it properly. How many times have I seen one of these kits being held by sheetmetal screws and bondo, or not even that much. And everytime without fail, the owner is ridin with an "I'm Bad Ass" look on their face. I just wanna roll up in a properly built car and ask them if they want some beans with their rice, then peel out and leave them in a big cloud of tire smoke
  3. Apollonius's Avatar
    "Slammed Look - Seriously impractical, uncomfortable for use on anything other than a perfectly flat road, you're only doing it so you can fit in with the other losers that do this. You're not running a drag car, or a drift machine."

    Exactly, I had the entire suspension redone on my car and told them NOT to drop it in any way shape or form. I do not need to cause damage to my vehicle in order to look "cool" nor do I want to travel out of driveways and over speedbumps at 1mph at an angle.
  4. jnaarnold's Avatar
    Hmmm, I guess vulgarity IS in... that's one thing that chaps least at car people that think they have to talk 'trashy' to fit in. Its just as offensive as their rides IMHO.
  5. pogoism9's Avatar
    "racing" wings on FWD cars...people that have their seat all the way reclined, yet drive with their chest 2 inches from the wheel, like they are hanging on for dear life...those are the big 2 for me.
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