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Somebody tell the ricers that useless wings are for penguins...

Getting the track itch again...

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Lately I've found that I've been pressing the gas pedal more than I probably should... I REALLY need to visit a track sooner than later. It's just a shame to have a car like this and not really be able to play with it's capabilities in a controlled environment, and the nearest track is well over a 3 hour one way trip.

When I hit that lotto, I'm going to build a drag strip (for the majority of the locals), and a real track (for those of us who like using all three pedals) for the handful of us around here with well set up cars. Now, just need to win the lotto...

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  1. IBoughtASupra's Avatar
    I want to go to the strip BUT I believe a road coarse would be a lot of fun.
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