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Lowballers And Their Stupidity...

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Saving For Parts Does Not Equal Lowballing. Lowballing Is When You Offer A 40% Off Price From The Asking Price.

I am sure many of you have tried to sell parts on SupraMania in the classified section and may even have found some deals on a few parts yourself. So you make a new thread selling all the new and old good quality parts you have laying around. While doing this, you hope that someone will PM you to buy some of the parts that you have listed for sale. You then proceed to get offline and go take care of some things that you have to do. After running your errands, you log on to check your thread and private messages to see if someone PM'ed you for a part that you listed. A notification pops up stating you have a new private message and you're eager to see what the person wants to purchase from you, after all, you have a huge part out thread with a BBK, AEM and a lot of 1JZ and 2JZ parts for sale.

After clicking okay, you now read the PM and see you have an interested customer who wants to purchase the BBK and AEM you have list. The BBK cost $800 plus shipping and the AEM is $1200 shipped and both parts are new. You kept reading the PM and at the end, see you have been told what you will get for your new parts. The offer is $500 dollars and you, the seller, must pay the shipping and cover the Paypal fees. Here is what you are thinking now....


After you have said that to yourself, you now you have to respond to that PM. What should you say? After all, if you respond with foul language, the idiot will report you to the moderators and a notification or infraction will fly your way. You can easily state the following, "If you want to go fast, get a job and don't expect people to give you expensive parts for little to nothing." You end up getting a PM from this guy who rants about how good of a offer it is and you are a loser for not accepting.

There are people who encourage lowballers as well. These are the people who will list parts for $200 used which would normally go for $400 used. I understand that these people might need the money because they lost their job or something of that sort. Now these lowballers will see this part for the super low price and jump on. The ones who missed it, will look around for when someone else lists it and then PM them the super low price they saw before. If you are going to list something under the fair market value, please say atleast why. We don't need anything personal, just a simple statement saying that you need the funds and this is why your parts are listed at a super low price. If your parts have something wrong with them, state that as well because the lowballer will proceed to PM someone who has a perfectly working part and offer a broken part price.

Attention lowballers, if you don't have the money to go fast, don't buy a Supra or any other sports car. Get an old Corolla or a Civic and drive that around. If someone has parts for sale, they will want to sell it for something close to their asking price. I understand that some people are idiots and list things with a price five dollars off from new and it has 5000 miles on it. An AEM with 5000 miles on it is 100% different than a wastegate with 5000 miles on it. Keep that in mind. If you want to purchase a $350 wastegate and you will offer $200, don't bother PMing that person, you will be wasting your time and their time. If you want to purchase a part and it will end in you having to sell your babies clothing to pay for it, keep saving. I don't need to hear how you will have the money in two weeks or next month, when you have the funds, then PM me. Nobody is going to give you parts for free, its not how it works. You need to get that through your head.

Thanks, Andy.

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  1. gurley0916's Avatar
    Oh boy this is the truth with this place. I cant say how many times I have received the dreaded lowball PM's. Very well put sir!!
  2. IBoughtASupra's Avatar
    I just had one today. I don't know whats gotten into these people. It must be people who are giving away parts at low prices and they don't realize they're underselling parts because they're to lazy to look up the actual prices using the search function.
  3. Clint's Avatar
    I'll tell you what Andy, 10-15 years ago this shit never happened, in fact not many people knew even what a supra was nor could afford a MKIII because they were still listed for well over 6k, so your average ricer/high school wanabe racer couldn’t afford one...

    I've been around for 10+ years and I have nearly seen it all in this community, Jose has a good saying on his signature "The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten", this goes hand in hand with many MKIII owners now days, and this is why the value of our cars has diminished because of many of its owners are cheap...

    This is why so many MKIII owners that can afford good quality parts and never complain about pricing move on to the MKIV, because they can "AFFORD IT" and your spot on in your blog! "If you don't have the money to go fast, don't buy a Supra or any other sports car." QFT
  4. te72's Avatar
    I never understood this sort of mentality too. ESPECIALLY the people who lowball right out of the gate. Now, I can understand if something has been listed for MONTHS, to throw out a low offer and go from there. Nothing wrong with that. On a 2 day old thread though? Fuck off...

    This coming from a guy who's gotten a handful of good deals on here... about the only experience I have with dealing with lowballers on my things for sale is when I tried selling my old SS. Guy wanted to trade me a Polaris atv of some sort. Because, you know, those POS's are useful...
  5. Devin LeBlanc's Avatar
    Happens all the time.
  6. IBoughtASupra's Avatar
    Wow, I didn't even know people were reading! On to my responses!

    I agree. Its the people who think prices of 7M parts, which a lot of people throw away nowadays, should be applied to JZ parts. They take that mentality, "I found this 7M motor for 350" and apply it to a JZ. Everything becomes devalued. Don't get me wrong, there are quality 7M parts out there BUT if you are comparing the price for a set of stock 7M coils to a set of JZ coils, you are out of your mind.

    SS, as in the 1996 Impala long body style with the 5.7 V8? Wow, those cars are super nice cruisers. I agree, if a part has been listed for months, try the low offer but if its been listed two hours ago, don't waste your time. With that said, if it was listed six months ago for 800, don't PM a price of 200.:icon_mad:

    Ofcourse, as long as Supras are being bought by high school kids who don't have money and want to go fast, we will have low ballers.

    I can list a few people on this site that spend money on their cars. I will not list myself and say I am big spender, I will let me build thread speak for itself but I will soon change that DM turbo on my car to a nice 6265 or 6266:naughty:.

    The people who spend money on their Supras are the ones that go on a drive, with all the cuts and bruises on their hands healing up after the months of work they put in and then that open stretch on the highway comes up. Then they'll let loose and its followed by a rewarding feeling that can't be explained. Lowballers are the envious people who see you do this and know they could have the samething but refuse to spend the money to achieve it.
  7. IBoughtASupra's Avatar
    If you're reading, make a comment....:)

    800+ reads, not enough comments. Hope I haven't offended any low ballers. :(
  8. onemancrew's Avatar
    Great Advice.. God damn cheapskates... they always trying to insult your intelligence!
  9. IBoughtASupra's Avatar
    Ofcourse. They want to build a Supra the cheapest way.
  10. spinningheadboy's Avatar
    I get lowball offers all the time when I was selling more euro parts. I just used that interest as a starting point for negotiations. If there is still interest, we go from there. I think all sellers ask a bit more for their parts than they are worth, its just what we all do. I never take a low offer personally....just like when you get a great deal off an auction, you don't send that person more money because they sold it too cheap do you?

    $10 offers on a $100 part are just ignored.

  11. IBoughtASupra's Avatar
    $10 offers on a $100 part are just ignored.

    ^Now that's a low ball.

    Yes, ask a little more than whats its worth but when you do that and you get an offer thats HALF of what you are asking, its pretty much an insult, no?
  12. Supra_dan's Avatar
    I'll give you $2.00 for this blog.
  13. IBoughtASupra's Avatar
    ^Low Baller.

  14. BusterMK3's Avatar
    I had this happen just the other day on craigslist! I listed a set of RSX wheels from my old Acura for $200 with tires that still had about 65% tread left and had a 16 year old kid who was still in high school offer me $40 saying they aren't worth even that, and that I will never sell them for more. Got in my car, and left. Low balling someone is annoying, but playing the "I'm generous for giving you my allowance for them" is just an insult! I can't stand people who waste my time with things like that. Great read though!
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