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Why cant people be honest about what they are selling?

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So heres the deal. Back in december i bought a $300 turbo targa parts car. It looked good. The guy said it had rod knock and he drove it to where it sat (so i figured it couldn't be THAT bad..) It only had 130k miles (so again, i thought it couldn't be THAT bad) He knew I was going to rebuild it (so i thought it couldn't be THAT bad.. Hey, i trusted the guy) I checked the oil, and it was full (so i thought it couldn't be THAT bad).

Do you see what im getting to yet?

Do you wanna see??


Yeah. Its that bad.

So what did i get for 300 bucks? a trans that needs a rebuild (most likely) and a 3.90 LSD (which also probably needs a rebuild) and a trash block and judging by the full coolant res and the empty rad it has a BHG and probably a warped head. Thanks!

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  1. Sside's Avatar
    So you are trippin because you got a $300 rolling chassis that looked good? What were you expecting for $300? if anything you got a great deal.... Go find an engine and start your build instead of crying over nothing.....
  2. Backlash2032's Avatar
    Okay sorry, it was butt fucked too, so the chassis is bad aswell.
  3. SupraMario's Avatar
    You got a $300 targa car and you're pissed because the engine is shot? After the guy told you it had rod knock? I'm lost...looks like you got a steal...$300 for a shell is cheap. I just bought an 88 Turbo, without an engine/Trans/interior for $500, its a hard top and has good paint and a no rust dunno why you are mad that you got a bad block but the rest of the car is good for $300.
  4. Backlash2032's Avatar
    The rest of the car is not good! And sourcing an engine in the middle of nowhere where everyone despises imports is not the simplest of tasks.

    The interior is wrecked, the frame is bent, engine is blown, turbo has tons of shaft play.
  5. Canuckrz's Avatar
    There has to be EASILY more than 300 bucks worth of parts on that car, regardless of all else thats whack with it.
  6. Suprapowaz!(2)'s Avatar
    I'm with everybody else... it's a parts car for $300.
    If he told you there was a hole in the block and the engine was trash would you have still bought it? And how do you know the chassis is tweaked? Measured your reference points with a tram guage, or is it really bad to where you can eyeball it and see it's really off? And if you could plainly see that then you bought it knowing it's "bent".
  7. Backlash2032's Avatar
    I guess im starting to see the good in this.. Im starting to realize what a good investment buying this car was, and now i have a head to rework while my other car is still on the road.

    I guess i overreacted
  8. A. Jay's Avatar
    Check the head for softness.
  9. cerealkilla's Avatar
    I just sold an r154 trans alone for $350, more than what you paid for an entire car.
  10. SupaMan's Avatar
    I just got $556 bucks at the scrap yard for my gutted interior n/a. If the chassis is really tweaked so bad that it cant be revived then its still a good parts car. Strip it completely and scrap the shell. Youll gain money i promise you.
  11. Backlash2032's Avatar
    ^ I guess i forget how well built these cars are.

    Well built is just a fancy way of saying heavy. Sounds better though!
  12. shaeff's Avatar
    Rust free Supra chassis are a rare occurrence up near me. I paid $1000 for a rolling chassis with a transmission in the hatch and no motor. It's got no rust. I'm plenty happy with that.

    For $300 you should have inspected it better. Caveat Emptor. If you buy a bum car, the blame lies on your shoulders for not looking through every bit of it with a fine toothed comb.
  13. SupraDread's Avatar
    Just bought my 4th Sup. Lost my last 91 sunroof burgundy baby in feb. snowstorm and summer tires are a reciepe for disaster. goodbye 3000 dollar ride (my 3rd) had the car for 6mos. clean as hell by the way. now my fourth Sup which was towed from D.C. to brooklyn on a transporter from Uhaul, i purchased with a bad motor not running for 1200. with rust and bad paint. my transportation cost ALONE
  14. SupraDread's Avatar
    was more than ur ride. my van has a 35 gallon tank, which had to b filled more than twice! not including tolls which spike up with more axles! not including grub for me and my son who made the trek with his dear old dad. i could go on but i think i made my point. ur glass of milk is 3qrtrs. full
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