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To compliment Mario's homebuying woes...

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Well, in light of Mario's last blog, I just got done paying some bills on my own recently purchased house... and I gotta say, it's sad when you can see $1000 in your bank account and say "ahh shit, I'm broke."

What contributed to this financial situation? Let's see (just so you guys can be prepared to be in these shoes someday too):
-$1000 mortgage payment
-$35 water
-$89 gas
-$100 fuel to get to work and back for a month...
-$25 electric (wasn't there the whole month, fyi)
-$240 to fix my water heater's heating elements.

The key point here is that all these little things add up, and THEN my water heater crapped out on me. What did the plumber do? I watched while I was changing out my tires (winter for summer) on the Mk3, and all he did was pull off the panels on the front of the heater, take a channel lock to the elements (after draining out most of the water), and swap them out for $55 worth of parts he bought at Home Depot after investigating the problem.

You know what frustrated me the most though? The ENTIRE procedure is outlined in the owners manual of the water heater. I have the tools, the capability to READ THE FUCKING MANUAL, and the time to have done this myself.

So, if you take away anything from reading this, just read the above line in all caps and save yourself a good chunk of change.

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  1. SupraMario's Avatar
    Yea, you should have asked here, I'm sure there are a ton of DIY types on this board when it comes to appliances, and just houses in general. I've helped build now 3 houses with just myself and my father. And have repaired countless peoples homes. The heating element is actually like $20 from home depot lol. Just replaced a friend of mines 80 gallon tank elements, both together wasn't more than $50.
  2. te72's Avatar
    This was with 2 elements and 2 thermostats as well, was like $25 for the elements together and $22 for the thermostats. Learned my lesson and flushed ~$180 down the drain... oh well, live and learn, just thought I'd give others a heads up.
  3. SupraMario's Avatar
    Yea, if you ever have home questions just ask. I've more than likely dealt with it more than once.
  4. te72's Avatar
    Much appreciated man, I need to get internet at my house now, but Qwest seems determined that dial up is my only option... tards. We have some pretty decent fiber running underground, *for their use*. I just don't get it.
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