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I Have A Dream...

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...and for now, that's all it is. The dream involves a black MA70 Supra that I have sitting out the back of my house, a 1JZ-GTE and 7 miles of salt. My rather long term plan is to develop the car into a F/BGCC car, in laymans terms, a 2.01 - 3.00 litre blown gas competition coupe, or in other words, a turbocharged, stretched bodied car, running petrol. This is one of those plans that will take years to come to fruition, as it's rather ambitious, especially now that Mikah is on the scene.

My rendition of a JZA70 F/BGCC land speed car

Before I get anywhere near that, I plan on running the car as a /BGC car, which basically means it would have a much more stock appearing body on it. And if that is to come to fruition, it in turn means that I'll probably have to pack the car into a trailer before the Westernationals one year, and send it towards Lake Gairdner, for the DLRA's SpeedWeek event, flying out myself just after the Westernationals in order to catch up with the car and head out to the salt.

The ill-fated Stringfellow and Kirk /BFCC at Bonneville SpeedWeek 2010

Mind you, before I even get anywhere near that point, the car has a little panel damage, mostly front end damage, that needs to be fixed. Once the front end is fixed up, I can put a new windscreen in the car and start work on turning it into a race car. Having only ever driven on the salt in the Cadillac so far, I'm planning on putting this beast together as a fairly tame number in it's first incarnation, in order to get to grips with the low levels of traction available on the salt, hence my plan to run the car in a much more 'stock' class to start with.

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  1. te72's Avatar
    If and when you get around to this, you gotta post a build thread... I didn't realize you guys took the Caddy out on the sand, did you actually run it?
  2. FIL's Avatar
    We didn't run it, the quickest it went would have been around 60mph on the way out to the pits... Enough to give me an appreciation of whats involved, especially when you hit a wet patch... but that's about it... really looking forward to this project...
  3. te72's Avatar
    Cool man, you'll have to keep us posted if this dream starts waking it's way into reality.
  4. SupraMario's Avatar
    Sounds like fun, but wouldn't you have to build a new front to get it to stretch like that?
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