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New Forums Brings New Blog

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So yeah.... Thanks to Mike biting the bullet and starting this huge site upgrade, we all have blogs now... And as much as I need _another_ blog to forget to post in from time to time, I'm going to at least set this one up and give it a bash...

I figure I'll be able to spout random crap about how my Supra is pissing me off today, and most people will probably just ignore it (which is fine, at least it's out of my system) and just maybe someone will have a suggestion about how to fix the problem properly...

Anyway... Enough for now, I'm supposed to be working...

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  1. honestabe's Avatar
    LOL Fil. Interesting new feature. I don't need a blog, I have the OT and build thread
  2. FIL's Avatar
    Thats about it for me too... I spout random crap all over the place already....

    Now... if I could work out a way to port my other blog to this blog, then maybe.... could just throw extra SM related stuff in here from time to time...
  3. johnsf32's Avatar
    i like the blog its cool ...iam happy i got the relay kit for the fan so now it just the front end and iam done ....supra lives again ...
  4. Lovesick Siren's Avatar
    I love the term "give it a bash."

    .. That's really all I have to say. =D
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