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Global Climate Change

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I'd just like to say, as opposed to what, exactly? Is there anyone who really thinks it's possible to have a global climate static, instead? After all, there is an awful lot of evidence showing that the climate tends to change, whether there's people on it, or not.

So, the climate is going to change. If it were getting colder, would 'they' be any happier? Pardon me if I'm a little jaded on the subject, but somehow, I suspect not.

So, the climate is going to change, and the environmentalists are going to freak out and finger point about it, regardless of whether it's going hot or cold.

So, remind me again why I should give a damn about a group of people who are going to howl and complain whatever happens?

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  1. te72's Avatar
    I'm having a hard time coming up with a reason. Apparently everyone has forgotten that Europe was cold as balls in an outdoor pool in Alaska for a few hundred years at the beginning of the last millennium. Then it got hotter, then back to cold for a hundred years or so more recently... it's a cyclical thing people, my car isn't to blame! Shit, I'd be surprised if every car in this country produced half as much "toxins" in the air as any one of the many active volcanoes around the world...
  2. zoppii's Avatar
    It's funny you should mention that because this just came out yesterday.

    Global Warning Alert: Scientists predicting coldest Europe winter in 1,000 years.

    It's posted in quite a few places but here is a link to one.
  3. winsauce's Avatar
    Its all about money, fear, and power.... i just dont buy in it
  4. Poodles's Avatar
  5. GrimJack's Avatar
    Excellent article, Poodles... I think I'll link that in the politics section.
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