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It Lives!!!

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Yay! I finally got my car running again!

A few months ago, the starter motor died, and due to a lack of spare time and a lack of enthusiasm every time I crawled under it and realised just how little room there is to work in down there, it just didn't get sorted... Over the last week or so, I've finished taking the old starter out, tried to get it repaired, discovered I couldn't, bought a used but tested unit, put that in and got the car fired up again...

While the car was off the road, the drivers side mirror decided to drop it's glass onto the ground, this is not actually that much of a surprise, as the rivers mirror glass in these things has to be changed before first registration in Australia, as the Japanese glass is curved, and our laws require flat glass. This means the dealer selling the car usually had a piece of mirror glass cut to shape and glued it in place, whereas the original Japanese piece appears to have had 4 clips holding it in place, and was probably glued as well..

So after realising that the reason I hadn't managed to fire the car up on Sunday night was because I'd unplugged the turbo timer some time in the last 2 months, plugging that back in and firing the car for the first time for ages, I backed it out of the carport, parked it on the grass out the front and swapped on the door mirror from the shell I have out the back, which I intend to turn into a race car some day... (I have 2 cars on the road here that need to be finished, a Cadillac in San Jose that will need transporting to Australia one day and a couple of old Chev trucks I intend to turn into a hot rod before I get to work on the race car though)

Then it was time for a wash, and off to the All Fours and Rotaries Car Club meeting tonight... In June last year we cancelled the rent on our shared club rooms and decided to hold out monthly meetings in public venues for a while, and the last couple of meetings we've had particularly nice weather, so we've had outdoor meetings around a bbq and put on some food and drinks for our members. Tonights meeting was particularly cool, as we had a few members who we haven't seen at a meeting for ages turn up, including one who's been in Elko, Nevada for the past 3 years or so... He's only been back a few weeks, but has his priorities right, turning up tonight in his new Evo VI...

Well, I think that's the fun stuff out of the way now, seeing as the Supra is running again, it's back to road tuning it for me...

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