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QR Codes and Website Portals

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So, lately (well, for a fair while really) I've been a little self consious of my various websites getting spread out all over the place and looking for a way to tie everything in. I've got 2 domains (3 actually, but one is a pr0n site that never really got off the ground and is essentially just parked up with a couple of ads on it until I get around to fixing it up), a blog or 2, a youtube channel, a flickr stream and a facebook page, and probably more stuff thats just slipped my mind.

On another tangent, I've also been intrigued by the use of QR Codes, for those who haven't seen these before, it's basically a 2D barcode whose primarly use is to be scanned by mobile phones and decoded. You can fit a fair bit of information into one of these if you want to, up to something like 4000 alphanumeric characters.

So, the other day I was wondering if I could combine the 2 somehow, and came up with the following plan. I've started work on a landing page that contains links to all the other pages I have and a brief description of each of them, and generated a QR code with the link to that site embedded in it. There are plenty of apps out there for Android phones and iphones that can scan these things, and then pop up a link on the screen for you to follow, so it makes sense that I should probably aim to end up with a page that displays reasonably well on a smaller device too.

At the moment, it's pretty much entirely text, but I intend to learn a few more things along the way and hopefully end up with some sort of flick through preview of my websites so that people can essentially browse the front pages of all the sites from one location, and then head to whatever takes their fancy.

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