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Is it wrong of me...

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I saw an obese fellow walking out of Walmart the other day having to use a walker. When I say obese, I'm estimating 400lbs. He was close to the elderly side of life. I didn't feel any sympathy for him at all. Working as a paramedic for the last 12 years and having to deal with these type of people, I just no longer have any sympathy for them.

Is it wrong of me to feel that way?

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  1. airhead04's Avatar
    Id say no, but also yes. The reason I say no, is because MOST people cause themselves to be that way. They didnt stop and think at the time, that that cheeseburger they were stuffing their faces with was going to cause them to gain weight. But then I would also have to say yes. Only because there are a slight few out there that just CANNOT help there weight. No matter what they do they just gain weight. But those types of people are rare. (Im not including people that get fat from taking meds into this post)

    So Id have to say no and yes to you being wrong for feeling that way. You never know, one day you may find out why that guy is that big, it may shock you, or it may just upset you. But until that day, youll never know. And one other thing, he doesnt know you, you dont know him so having no sympathy for him doesnt do anything to him.
  2. te72's Avatar
    Is it sad? Sure. Do you have to feel sympathetic for the person? No. Airhead mentioned a lot of good arguments for both sides of yes/no, but I generally say no. I recently read an article about the general health of Americans, and how we're now nearing the point where there are as many, if not more, people who are obese than malnourished. Granted, I'd say it's probably better to have more fat people in your country than starving people, BUT as I'm sure you're aware, dealing with the associated problems of obesity isn't any fun either. Honestly, at the end of the day, I believe it's about self control, and sadly, that's a quality I don't see a lot in my day to day adventures into public...
  3. Insidious Surmiser's Avatar
    for those people that are gluttons.... there's no excuse for the blatant waste of food... the world produces more than enough food to feed all of it's inhabitants.... but yet, thousands of people starve to death every day... that makes me sick... then again, everyone's situation is unique, and there's no way to know everything that goes on....
  4. fixitman04's Avatar
    as a first responder, im inclined to say no as well. i have responded to so many accidents that required extrication simply because there was a very overweight person in the vehicle. yes they all dont do it to themselves... but where do you make that determination? i guess i've become cynical.
  5. jetjock's Avatar
    I think it was wrong of you to give it the slightest thought one way or another.

    That said:
  6. Drake69's Avatar
    Best friend of mine is morbidly obese and eats less calories than I can ever hope to accomplish in a day. His glandular disorder has been with him his entire life, and I am almost sole caregiver for him at this moment (he is out of work due to company cutbacks, just managed to get ON disability, has no family that cares about him for at least 2000 miles, and few friends that even give a damn about him). The most I can do for him is help get him meals, groceries, and motivation to get him out of bed daily, AND I work as a Network Engineer after hours, AND I am married, AND I am helping my sister and bro-in-law with their twins when I can, AND I am moving out of my apartment this week.

    He is an electronics and computer GENIUS and has done everything from helpdesk services to owning his own computer company. At his best level of health in the late 80's he was 350 lbs, hauling computer equipment out of his van, starving himself to lose weight, and STILL gaining pounds per week. At this time he is 96% shut-in, on dialysis (when he can find a medical facility that can support his weight), and has colon cancer (same issue with chemo, can't have it unless he can get off of dialysis AND support his weight).

    He has no choice, and If I was more selfish about my life, he wouldn't live a week. I know it's not my responsibility to try and save him, but I don't do it because I feel pity for him, I don't do it because no one else will, I don't even do it so that I might get something out of it when he dies.

    I do it because he is a brilliant, caring individual, and he would do the same for me if I was that way. What's worse is that EMT techs that have been to his home are FAR MORE VOCAL than you are, and right in front of him. I actually told a 250 lb MUSCLEBOUND EMT to "step off" as I helped lift the gurney to get him to his medical appointment (which he paid for in spades with money he didn't have at the time). If his house was burning down and you were there? I'd grab the firehose and tell you to back the fuck off too.

    Not all overweight people are fat, dumb gluttons that don't know any better.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, he's diabetic too. So, basically a quadruple whammy. He's thinking about attaching a "DNR" notice on the front of his door. I tell him no FREAKIN' way... fight for your life....

    Even if it's just to piss off the EMTs...

    And I'm NOT trying to take this out on you. I do feel that in your line of work you shouldn't be prejudiced about ANY LIFE you're attempting to save, even if you keep it to yourself.
  7. gtsfirefighter's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jetjock
    I think it was wrong of you to give it the slightest thought one way or another.

    That said:

    I'd forgotten about this "blog" and since then, I'd have to agree with the above statement 100%.
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