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  • How to: Ford TPS with stock ECU

    several people have asked how this is done. after talking to some people i had found out the ford tps uses the same voltages as our stock tps. this opens up a whole new world of bigger, inexpensive and readily available throttle bodies for our car. this would mostly apply to those who are going with a front face intake, but you could use on the stock intake if you made an adapter.

    there is one small catch. you have to use a switch for the closed throttle position on the idle validation circuit. you could pick up this switch at radio shack or you could use a nitrous throttle switch. from there, you make a bracket to mount the switch so the throttle bracket will close the switch under idle.

    my bracket was made off of the unused flange for the egr.

    here is a diagram for the wiring.


    if you are using a stand alone management system, you do not need the IDL switch. this is only for use w/ the stock ecu.

    the throttle body i used was a 86 ford mustang 75mm throttle body upgrade with a new tps. can be found from blue oval industires for $120 for the polished version.

    jimi87-t also has a write up to install the stock tps to the ford throttle body if you would rather go that route

    (hope you dont mind jimi)

    i want to thank sean for all the fab work and helping decipher all the wiring!

    any questions, dont hesitate to ask.

    hope this helps!

    To add to the info here, this is what I did to make the toyo TPS work with the same type TB. Pics say a 1000 words:

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