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  • IGNITER GROUND... crispics

    ^^^ First, an honorary dedication of this thread to the post by jetjock above...

    I believe my circuit suffers from the effects of being on "pot", or some such thing... so I decided to sober it up.

    ^^^ The little "monolith of motivation"... giver of spark.

    ...pulled the couplers, bracket bolts, and removed the four screws to the cover...

    then laid out the tools I thought I might use for the job.

    (The MGD was an absolute necessity... although the Guinness is a more frequent facilitator... )

    Cleaned up the case housing on both surfaces with a combination of mill file and fine sandpaper... cleaning the surfaces with CRC contact cleaner after the "dust" had settled.

    Carefully "lifted" the leads... to expose the described (by jetjock) ground screwed to the upper case lid.

    (Be extra careful here... as the HEAT over TIME may have caused your casing to become BRITTLE! )

    ...here is a closer shot of the screw and ground lead coming out of the igniter circuit. You can SEE some "cracks" in the casing of the wires if you look closely! )

    ^^^ I connected a ring terminal with ground lead wire...

    ...and ran it through one of the drain holes in the bottom of the igniter case... then screwed in the four machine screws.

    I re-attached everything with the ground running directly to a lead into the negative battery terminal spur that also grounds to the body.

    Very pleased with the result. Thank you for the tutorial commentary, jj.

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    1. tiger956's Avatar
      tiger956 -
      Thanks!!!! Just finished doing it and now to go plug it in and see what happens. Will correct the other grounds as well,,,
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