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  • O-rings for domestic injectors in the 2jzge rail

    Been playin the o-ring game for a few weeks now and figured I'd share. For anyone looking to fit domestic injectors in the 2jzge fuel rail (or 7M rail for that matter), you need McMaster Carr PN9263K696. This is a 7mm ID, 2.5mm thick Viton o-ring with a 12mm OD. I pressure tested these up to 100psi with no leaks on my PTE 880cc injectors.

    You also need to double up the grommets that go into the lower intake and add a couple of 12mm washers to each of the rail spacers to get the height correct.

    Just figured I'd share and hopefully save someone some headaches down the road!
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    1. MarkIII4Me's Avatar
      MarkIII4Me -
      Is the inlet on the 2j head the same as the 7M? Just wonder in the lip on my domestic PTE injectors need to be machined down in order to fit the head.
    1. Elie_Kaze's Avatar
      Elie_Kaze -
      I am also curious of this too.
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