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    The 7M-GTE was an ultra high-performance engine used by Toyota in the late 1980's and early 1990's. It is part of the series of Toyota M engines. In the US, only one Toyota ever featured this engine: the Toyota Supra. This engine was incredibly advanced for its time. The 7M-GTE was simply a turbo version of the 7M-GE and was offered only in the Supra.

    The engine had a 3.0L 24-Valve DOHC Twin Cam setup which provided plenty of power for the Supra. The 7M-GTE is an Inline-6, or "straight 6" engine. Due to incorrect torque specifications from the factory, the head gaskets on both the 7M-GE and 7M-GTE engines are prone to failure. However, with proper replacement of the head gasket using a higher torque setting, these engines have been known to be extremely reliable.

    The 7M-GE and 7M-GTE were both discontinued sometime after 1992 with the demise of the Cressida in North America.
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    1. mk3concepts's Avatar
      mk3concepts -
      no wonder those fuckers fail haha
    1. laotionracer101's Avatar
      laotionracer101 -
      hmm mine seens to drive okay haha
    1. turbo87mk3's Avatar
      turbo87mk3 -
      mine runs like a top. it sounds good and has plenty of power. then agian its a "JDM" engine. and i really dont know if shes been retorqued or not.
    1. suprafreesme's Avatar
      suprafreesme -
      my baby aint doing so good right now.
    1. 89MK111's Avatar
      89MK111 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mk3concepts View Post
      no wonder those fuckers fail haha
      bought mine....was just rebuilt, but the dumbass didn't install a mhg!!! So....here we go rebuilding the right way!
    1. Dirt Track Racer's Avatar
      Dirt Track Racer -
      I have a 7M-GE and mine runs like a champ
    1. TULLYTRAIN15's Avatar
      TULLYTRAIN15 -
      no wonder why they burn so much oil lol
    1. whitemike's Avatar
      whitemike -
      Why all the 7m shit talking?
    1. zomgsupra's Avatar
      zomgsupra -
    1. SuprAz's Avatar
      SuprAz -
      Mine was great, died, now working on getting it back to Supra Speed!
    1. Supra7MG's Avatar
      Supra7MG -
      I've had my MKIII for over 20 yrs. now with 0 issues.
      I did an HKS metal head gasket in 1992 and have always used Redline 10w40 oil changed very frequently.
      I love that car and the 7M
    1. YUNGPIE's Avatar
      YUNGPIE -
      mine isn't to good rite know
    1. miss_ali_j's Avatar
      miss_ali_j -
      I just bought an 88 with 112,000 miles thinking the head gasket was going to need replacing only to find that (surprise!) there was paperwork in the glove box showing a new metal head gasket was just installed. One less thing to stick money into...not bad for a $1500 car...
    1. Dani87x's Avatar
      Dani87x -
      Mine is about to be reborn, 7M can sure be a pain sometimes.
    1. matts87supra's Avatar
      matts87supra -
      i havent started on my 7mgte yet, i need to find some good prices on parts somewhere first. first time i drove it ever, 110 mph like nothing, with 170,00 and a leak on the turbo, i was impressed
    1. Linchmob87's Avatar
      Linchmob87 -
      I bought my 7mgte JDM style and just put it in...it had a BHG. Metal HG installed with ARP studs. Ready to go now!
    1. sonic74's Avatar
      sonic74 -
      Ya I blew my HG awhile ago. Have the car torn down completely. Gonna do a complete rebuild and mod on the 87 7MGTE. Anyone know of a machine shop that has a torque plate for the 7M in the Seattle area????
    1. timtiminy's Avatar
      timtiminy -
      Im looking for a machine shop that has a torque plate for the 7m in Southern California, Im thinking there has to be at least one...
    1. D3RR1N's Avatar
      D3RR1N -
      just bought a 86.5 mk3 with a 7m in it. it has a valve tick but i'm thinkin of puttin the top cylinder head from another engine to fix the problem. or just 2jz this bizznach
    1. my7mgte527's Avatar
      my7mgte527 -
      the engine in mine runs strong and im atarting to mod it out the only thing i didnt wo was change the head bolts o arp. i replaced the gasket with the hks gasket and she is running stronger then ever so im just waiting for my turbo kit and then time to go all out
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