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  1. YAY A blog!

    by , February 4th, 2010 at 06:49 PM (Beans, Bullets, and Bandaids.)
    I'm first! I think....

    Updated February 23rd, 2010 at 11:41 PM by SupraMario

    Beans, Bullets, and Bandaids.
  2. Things that piss me off. A blog is one of them.

    The word, "blog" pisses me off. Say it out loud a couple times while looking into a mirror. See what I mean? Now slap yourself.

    Stupid drivers. When an emergency vehicle is behind you, pull to the....RIGHT!!! Dipshit. You thought I was going to say left, didn't you. If you did, slap yourself. Also, it is legal to turn LEFT onto a one-way street from a red light. Yup, they should have taught you that in driver's ed. If you're one of those people that hold up everyone ...
  3. Quality, Cost, and the Government

    I've said this many times over the last decade, and I'm thinking I should write it down. That way I can link to it rather than explaining it every time. The only thing a government is good for is spending too much money on a shitty service. Why is that, you may ask?

    Allow me to explain. There are four categories of purchasers.

    • First, you have someone buying an article for themselves, using their own money. These people are concerned with the quality of the item,
  4. arg

    After soooo long i finaly decided to tear it up. The starter went out, so might as well pull the engine and tranny!!! I'm washing the head at UAFS tomorrow, and hoping i can get my rings and bearings in soon.
  5. My Geo Metro Blog

    I've been inspired by DreamerTheresa to start a blog about my Metro, so I will. A little back story, in April 2010 I bought my 1995 2-door hatchback 3-cylinder 1.0L 5-speed Geo Metro with 108,800 miles on it from the 2nd owner who only had it for 2 years. It was perfect except for a couple scratches and some clear coat coming off. I gladly paid the asking price of $1200 for it.

    Fast forward to today, 14 months later. I now have about 147,800 and the only repair I've had to do ...
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