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  1. SAFC 2 safe tune

    hi SM,
    I have some questions about getting a basic tune set up for my SAFC 2. if anyone who has the same mods can help me that would be great, pics of the settings would be a major plus. I know every car is different but that's why i'm hoping for just a safe tune. mods are as listed:
    lexus AFM
    550cc RC injectors
    3'' turbo back exhaust
    2jz coil packs
    stock CT26 with 11lb driftmotion wastegate

    I know a wideband would benefit with ...
  2. Happiness

    I found myself asking the question 'am i happy?' the last few nights - i'm still not entirely sure how to answer it. If you look at it on paper, i should be happy. I have a roof over my head. I have money coming in on a regular basis, enough for food, rent, bills and 'fun stuff' from time to time. I'm back in a country where i can speak the language fluently, where i don't have to drive to go to the cinema/pubs etc. I'm no longer isolated from my friends, i get to go places every few weeks that ...
  3. Mentors Advise

    so my mentor advice is to launch a blog. Great !!! while iam getting the hang of this blog deal I like to whomever reads this to bare wit me
    anyway I decided I would do this on supra mania cause I just wanted to. I joined supra mania some time ago and although I was not a avid member I intend on kicking it here;
    FYi---- iam stick to to supra s*!* and the pro and con"s of living in a such beautiful world we live in . a so thts cool for now ; see ya later ...
  4. things ive done to my car

    the car was all put together and running after a fresh rebuild. then started working for a custom shop and took the car apart again to redo all of the inside and started redoing everything in swade. then i thought while i have the car taken apart why not and make carbon fiber parts sense no one offers very many carbon fiber parts for the mk3. so thats what im doing and will post pics as everything comes along. and show pics of things i have done already to my car as far as swade gose tomorrow. ...
  5. So it's been just over a year so far...

    ...since i moved back to the UK, to the flat in brighton that my Friend owns. Over the last 12 months, it's been a real rollercoaster ride for me - there are lots of things i miss, being back here, but at the same time, there are still more positives to the move than negatives.

    First of all...i miss my kitties. They're too old to be chipped and shipped, and living on the 3rd floor of a building with no garden access would be cruel to them, after having had acres of green land and wildlife ...
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