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  1. How to build Supramania - or something like it.

    Here's a tip. Think about these and how they affect the community.
    - What if I'm wrong?
    - What if many people post things that are wrong? (And by many, I mean thousands - more than can be dealt with.)
    - How would this affect the community not just now, but tomorrow? Next month? In 10 years?

    Personally, I'm trying to build a community that will be healthy and useful for the future. In pursuit of that goal, there are really only 3 types of people.
    - Some ...
  2. Global Climate Change

    I'd just like to say, as opposed to what, exactly? Is there anyone who really thinks it's possible to have a global climate static, instead? After all, there is an awful lot of evidence showing that the climate tends to change, whether there's people on it, or not.

    So, the climate is going to change. If it were getting colder, would 'they' be any happier? Pardon me if I'm a little jaded on the subject, but somehow, I suspect not.

    So, the climate is going to change, ...
  3. Speed bumps - why is the government deliberately damaging my vehicle?

    A speed bump is nothing more than a reverse pothole. Everyone agrees that potholes are bad, so why can't everyone see that speed bumps are more of the same? Lets ignore the fact that they don't work for now. They cause accidents, are extremely bad for the environment due to increased fuel usage, damage vehicles, and distract drivers from the really important things on the road - like kids.

    For example, my son is now in grade 2 at school. His school parking lot has space for a grand ...
  4. LCD monitor design fail

    Why are computer monitors getting wider and shorter? Anyone?

    It appears that monitor manufacturers have been bamboozled by *someone* into thinking that all we care about is watching HD content on our computers. I can count the number of movies I've watched on my computer on my fingers... actually, I could limit that to my thumbs. When I want to watch a movie, I put it on a 52" flatscreen and listen to the sound in proper 5.1 surround.

    I don't know about you, but I still ...
  5. Who is the ideal private seller to purchase a sports car from?

    Many will tell you that it's a Granny. Nobody really knows how Granny ended up with a sports car in the first place, but the key factor is that Granny won't have abused her car, so you will get something with low mileage in great shape.

    I beg to differ.

    IMO, you should buy your sports cars from someone who uses them the way they were designed. The perfect example? The kid who bought it at 16, drove it like he stole it for three years, and is now selling it for college ...
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