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  1. football and darts

    football and darts.
    Again. It is usually at least a few hundred dollars. An Exacta Box allows the bettor to choose two horses,Exotic horse racing betting is the most profitable way to wager on the ponies Trifecta Betting: The Trifecta is a wager on three horses to finish in first
    this relates to his picks on Fridays ? yes. The company was founded in 1999 as SNG. then he should sacrifice the full house and discard the pair. You need to know what cards you are going to keep and what ...
  2. Coming along nicely

    So it's been a few months since my last blog post, i figured it was about time to update everyone. Life seems to be going reasonably well at the moment, of course theres the occasional blip which causes a day or two of stress, but it all seems to get resolved quickly enough. I had a fantastic christmas for once, really enjoyed myself and felt happy for the first time in a few years, something i thought i'd left behind, especially considering how i usually end up feeling around that period.
  3. So i went and got a Volvo...

    ...although it's not a very sensible one!

    So, the story unfolds kinda like this; I got my licence back in August after passing the extended driving test (woo!), but i needed a car as the bus just wasn't cutting it any more. My friend sherif, at the time, had just been promoted to field sales from telesales, and got a company car along with the post. With a company car, the Volvo he'd just bought was superfluous to requirements. So, to help us both out, i have the car on long term loan. ...
  4. Happiness

    I found myself asking the question 'am i happy?' the last few nights - i'm still not entirely sure how to answer it. If you look at it on paper, i should be happy. I have a roof over my head. I have money coming in on a regular basis, enough for food, rent, bills and 'fun stuff' from time to time. I'm back in a country where i can speak the language fluently, where i don't have to drive to go to the cinema/pubs etc. I'm no longer isolated from my friends, i get to go places every few weeks that ...
  5. Mentors Advise

    so my mentor advice is to launch a blog. Great !!! while iam getting the hang of this blog deal I like to whomever reads this to bare wit me
    anyway I decided I would do this on supra mania cause I just wanted to. I joined supra mania some time ago and although I was not a avid member I intend on kicking it here;
    FYi---- iam stick to to supra s*!* and the pro and con"s of living in a such beautiful world we live in . a so thts cool for now ; see ya later ...
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