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  1. Spam and Non-Blog Posts will be TERMINATED!

    ..or at least, your posts will be, if they're in the wrong section. This section is for blogs, not technical questions or a place to sell your stuff. I've been made the moderator for this section now, and i rule with an iron fist here - if its a blog? It's cool, no problem, write what you like

    However, if you post a 'hai gai's, i are need halp 4 fix mah car' in here - don't be surprised if you get a warning, and find the post has been swiftly erased.

    Seriously ...
  2. 1988 toyota supra N/A rod knock + my supramania story

    Hey guys, I just wanted to tell my story and get advice for what recently happened with my supra.The mk3 supra has been my dream car ever since I was a child. My dad had one when I was young, I remember going everywhere in that car. Fast forward to now (I'm 17) and last year I purchased a red 88 supra with 84307 original miles. I bought it from the original owner for $500 with a blown head gasket and automatic.
    This is the place i bought it from = Click image for larger version

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    I replaced ...
  3. The ultimate build

    So after long consideration what to start with On my new old mk3 supra build. I decided to get the front subframe powder coated before an engine was dropped in Click image for larger version

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  4. Coming along nicely

    So it's been a few months since my last blog post, i figured it was about time to update everyone. Life seems to be going reasonably well at the moment, of course theres the occasional blip which causes a day or two of stress, but it all seems to get resolved quickly enough. I had a fantastic christmas for once, really enjoyed myself and felt happy for the first time in a few years, something i thought i'd left behind, especially considering how i usually end up feeling around that period.
  5. So i went and got a Volvo...

    ...although it's not a very sensible one!

    So, the story unfolds kinda like this; I got my licence back in August after passing the extended driving test (woo!), but i needed a car as the bus just wasn't cutting it any more. My friend sherif, at the time, had just been promoted to field sales from telesales, and got a company car along with the post. With a company car, the Volvo he'd just bought was superfluous to requirements. So, to help us both out, i have the car on long term loan. ...
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