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Supra 80
January 17th, 2008, 04:37 PM
Well I was out earlier rewiring my AFM and that seemed to go just fine but then my car wouldn't start and I found that 2 of the wires going to the CPS were broken. I disconnected the other wires thinking I would just put in new ones but here is the problem, I forgot to write down which color wire went in which hole and the wires are different colors on both sides of the plug so I can't just match them up. So if someone could help determine which colors match up that would be excellent, I'm almost positive its the only thing keeping the car from starting. If its helpful(and it probably will be) the two plugs are green and grey the grey plugs into the green.

Green Plug

Grey Plug

BTW the car is an '89 Turbo and has the Pre-89 wiring I figure that makes a difference in the colors.

January 17th, 2008, 07:53 PM
I have an '87T wire harness/engine under my hood, but it's freakin' cold out there to be poking about under the hood at the moment.

According to the TSRM, the wiring should be:

Pin 1 B-R (Black w/ red stripe)
Pin 2 L-G (Blue w/ green stripe)
Pin 3 LG-R (Light green w/ red stripe)
Pin 4 L-R (Blue w/ red stripe)

Of course my actual TSRM is a '90, as is the on-line version at CygnusX1, and the wire colours don't match what you've got, so I'll take a look under the hood next chance I get. I also have a Lexus AFM, so its wire harness may or may not match what you have. I should be able to get the engine side for you though.