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  1. 1jzgte speed cut
  2. Question about the exhaust note of a 1.5j
  3. Hydro fan blade ceased
  4. Will 7mgte air conditioning lines work with 2jz swap
  5. Misfire @ Idle
  6. using jza80 ECU (A) with jzs147 harness (A)
  7. Coolent temp gauge acting funny
  8. W58 on a 2j
  9. Engine won't stay running
  10. Holset on 1JZ, which manifold is better?
  11. Hydropump to mechanical fan?
  12. Who is using the cxracing manifold?
  13. Aristo 2JZ Swap. Will not Boost in 1st gear
  14. 2JZ Alternative Valve Shims
  15. Aem or ems 6860 ???
  16. Vacuum Port...
  17. What kind of swap ?
  18. JDM charcoal cansiter...
  19. Does this look wrong? Could this make my engine tick?
  20. 2jzge maf sensor question?
  21. How Much It Cost You To Do Your Swap?
  22. '88 Turbo w/1jz-gte swap, Brake problems
  23. aristo 2j harness into mkiii help.
  24. blew my 2j......suggestions?
  25. Oil Pan Gasket
  26. Shopping list for winter project! going hx35!
  27. Shopping list for winter project! going hx35!
  28. bolt in widage tray and sump baffle kit for 2jzg(t)e
  29. 1jz vvti not starting!! Need help!! Mk3 swap!!!
  30. What injector clips for a aristo
  31. Trying to do 12v mod with no luck...
  32. 1uz how to and parts list???
  33. lexus 2jz?
  34. Replacement for the 1jz Hydro pump??
  35. Fluidampr Group Buy??
  36. mkiii 2jzgte problem
  37. 1jz/Stinger wont start on warm start up?
  38. 1JZ head gasket
  39. 89 NA to 1j Tach issues, help please!
  40. 1jz filling cylinders with fuel??
  41. A few questions bout the 2jz swap into my mkIII
  42. 1JZ-GTE - CT-12 Wastegates
  43. SAFC 2 tuning
  44. How to remove oil pump
  45. ULTRA Multi Mode Meter Plus
  46. T3 Turbo and Manifold Recomendation for Drifting
  47. Using the ABS sensor on the auto in place of the No2 speed sensor?
  48. 1JZ twin turbo Little circular "O" gasket
  49. 1jz starting problems(help!!)
  51. 1jz overheating !!!!!
  52. 2jzge harness
  53. OBX Twin Turbo Manifold
  54. Piston Ring Installation Help
  55. Aristo swap giving some trouble. No codes, misfiring, more.. [Added video]
  56. WTF is this!?!?
  57. 1JZ/S13 No start... No Fuel!
  58. Stinger V4 ems question???
  59. 1JZGTE Rod Bearings
  60. 1jz overfueling problem
  61. Chaser 1J into 86.5
  62. replaced 1jz alternator and battery is still not charging
  63. AFC Neo Sensor IN OUT numbers?
  64. Can I use 2jzge OEM Motor brackets into a 91MK3
  65. 1jz swap starts then stalls??
  66. Should I rebuild my 1j while its still out of the car?
  67. [SOLVED] Aristo 2JZ-GTE swap .. Won't run, but everything checks out good..
  68. Making a MKIII water temp gauge work with MKIV temp sender
  69. What oil cooler, relocator are y'all using
  70. 1jz refresh time. (need some advice)
  71. 1jz dies after cold start up
  72. New to Supra's, Engine wiring help?
  73. * * stinger help
  74. SBC/LS1 with R154, anyone done it?
  75. Why would i not get pulse to my injectors???
  76. Oil pan sump!
  77. 1jz swap runs perfect but leaking water
  78. Oil pan drain discovery (1JZ)
  79. Quick question about alternators and 1jz
  80. tail lights dont work please help ASAP thanks
  81. Precision 5557B on 1JZ?
  82. 2JZ-GTE: How hard should it be to rotate the camshaft?
  83. 1jz gte turbo water feeds and returns???
  84. How do i test my ECU? I think shes a bum...
  85. Power steering pump conversion question for 2JZ
  86. custom STOCK 2JZ intake/turbo manifolds?
  87. after swaping 1jz 86-89 engine mount bracket bolts too long
  88. 2jzge brains
  89. 5spd harness and ecu?
  90. Looking for wire diagrams or pinouts for autotransmission (JZA70)
  91. 14point7 UAFC?
  92. Aristo 2JZ-GTE swap - Stalls when shifting to park or neutral? (Auto Trans)
  93. 1jz cutting out
  94. Over heating while driving
  95. 1jz intake valve ticking / valvetrain noise
  97. ECU placement
  98. pre 89 engine mounts
  99. No heat but blower blows
  100. 2jzgte swapped mk3 will crank but not start
  101. 1jz Turbo Choice
  102. possible second oil pan??
  103. Identifty these 1JZ Harness Connectors
  104. Multiple codes 14, 31, 41, 42
  105. Copies of DM 1JZ CT26 manifolds?
  106. fuel supply
  107. What ARP bolt's ?
  108. how to connect this bov?
  109. have a chaser harness. i need some help
  110. boosted 1jz
  111. idel running rough and over all rich
  112. 1JZ-GTE VVT-i JZX100 vs. 1JZ-GTE JZA70 Engine Differences
  113. 7m a340e (auto tranny) compatible with a 2jz swap?
  114. Lean a good thing?
  115. finally 1st start up
  116. 2jz swap problem!!
  117. 2JZ-GTE swap - getting ready
  118. Compression Numbers
  119. Running driftmotion single turbo kit stock ecu?
  120. Need Help! ID parts, location and/or missing parts 1JZ/MA70
  121. sbc in a MK3...
  122. 1JZGTE favor
  123. looking for a 1jza70 K&N airfilter in origional airfilterbox where to buy??
  124. questions about fuel cut
  125. 1JZ with SC300 Alternator sticking too far forward
  126. Running warm after beating on it at the track the other day
  127. 1jz black smoke and bad idle
  128. Bellhousing/gearbox/input shaft measurement needed
  129. Sensor in question
  130. tranny question
  131. Aristo ECU Conversion From Auto To R154
  132. Gremlin in my car
  133. 1JZ Power steering lines and adapting 7m oil pressure sensor
  134. Quick question- map wires?
  135. 1JZ GTE into a 1988 supra
  136. ECU questions?
  137. I'm looking for 1jzgte auto trans diagram
  138. Is there a way to read codes without the CEL on a 2JZ?
  139. Drive-Shaft? What will I lose?
  140. 1jz & Clutch & Fuel system
  141. Cold start High idle
  142. Wiring Harness Questions
  143. 1jz twin 'seals'
  144. 1jz Diverter/Blow off valve question
  145. 1jz alternator removal
  146. Igniter issue, affecting tach?
  147. Banjo bolt size 2JZ high pressure steering hose
  148. 1JZ Mystery wires on intake side? Please help with ID
  149. traction control throttle body for 2jzge swap
  150. 1JZ Toyota Pickup stock twins Tuned (dyno vids and graph)
  151. Blow Off Valve will not go off Help!
  152. White smoke
  153. getting coolant into my charge pipes and into my intercooler?????
  154. help question what size turbo to use on my twin wastegate manifold???
  155. Rear Stock CT12A missing bolt, leaking oil?
  156. Help please: 2jz-gte from an Aristo into an MK3
  157. 1jzgte is having starting proplems in the cold
  158. How much would you pay for a billet coil cover?
  159. Cluster problem with 86.5
  160. 1JZ ignition coil order?
  161. Subtle grinding noise :: manual R-154
  162. shuts down right when i press clutch in...
  163. Piston hitting spark plug!:(
  164. Clutch fork shaking... what?
  165. Code 52 and super LEAN
  166. Idles Rich 9-10 as soon as you hit gas, floods cylinders then dies *Ideas/help*
  167. Cast Iron 1jz Manifold
  168. O2 (Code 21) or ECU problem?
  169. No speed sensor signal= ?
  170. My Supra vibrates heavily after acceleration.
  171. Transmission Q
  172. 2JZ-GTE: Strange oil leak. Can't figure out where it's coming from.
  173. Best Streetable Turbo On A 1JZ
  174. Tremec T56 Magnum. Going to try it. Information.
  175. Oil Pressure and Boost Gauges not working after 1jz
  176. 1jz running rich, ecu problem?
  177. pre 89 gray plugs?
  178. 1JZGTE 1mm oversized exhaust valves!!
  179. Power steering problem
  180. 1jz + w58 flywheel
  181. question on exhaust valves
  182. ORC Clutch (409D??)
  183. turbo timer harness
  184. Line behind the Idle Air control valve
  185. 2jz-gte vvti in mk3
  186. cracked hose in turbo intake manifold
  187. 1JZ patch harness to 2JZ Aristo problem
  188. Engine coolant leak!
  189. WTK: 2JZ-GE VVTI Wiring Diagram
  190. WTK: 2JZ-GE VVTI Wiring Diagram
  191. Gs300 2jzge=>2jzgte
  192. driveshaft Question
  193. 1jz alternator wiring
  194. AEM V1 on Aristo 2jzgte?
  195. Need help identifying this connector asap..
  196. 2JZ swap using Aristo auto questions
  197. Maft gen 2
  198. 2jzge-t guys using 1.3mm kit from xs/suprastore
  199. 1JZ_Oil Leak to coilpacks assembly
  200. 2jz noob questions
  201. Not sure Where to post this 85 monte carlo 7m powered?
  202. Oil Sludge Build Up under my 1J
  203. supra gtr?
  204. 2jzge electric fan temp switch
  205. Question about 1j and 2j trannys
  206. oem 1jz pistons
  207. Jza70 help!
  208. i give up 1j running like crap need some help
  209. Noob Question on Retarding Timing
  210. motor mount bracket help needed
  211. idle air control replacment
  212. best fuel pump set up for 600hp?
  213. Your 1JZ-GTE And 2JZ-GTE Swap Guide For Dummies
  214. Your 1JZ-GTE And 2JZ-GTE Swap Guide For Dummies Discussion Thread!
  215. any one use this turbo? or have ideas for 600hp turbo?
  216. HELP!! 1jzgte feels different suddenly
  217. 1JZGTE with a 2JZGTE headgasket
  218. Replacing 7M-GE with 2JZ-GE
  219. Holset HX35 2JZGE how should it be mounted?
  220. Heater valve and Catch can
  221. Need some help with this stupid tacho..
  222. crank seal replacement
  223. show us your swap
  224. lexus 2jz ge?
  225. 7mge w58 transmission with 1jz swap
  226. Someone help me identify this harness
  227. 2JZGE swap issues
  228. quick question, alternator related?
  229. Starter Replacement
  230. Stupid Question (1jz no start)
  231. oil leaking out of head
  232. Cant figure out what this wire it, or where it should go HELP
  233. Boost Logic T4 Manifold
  234. 2jzge flywheel cheap?
  235. Smokin'....- burst radiator hose and other cooling issues (2JZ)
  236. 7m clutch wit 1j engine
  237. 1jzdet rebuild
  238. Does the Aristo 2JZ have 1 or 2 stcok waste gates
  239. Temp and Tach guage quick working????
  240. Haltech PS1000
  241. 1jz , r154, gearing and mpg ?
  242. 1jz
  243. thoughts on a s-fac2
  244. 2J NA-T idle motor
  245. 2jzgte hx35
  246. Need some help. 2JZ won't crank by hand.
  247. Idle problems on Aristo swapped Mk3. Alternator/Boost leak/Fuel Related?
  248. Another whats this wire go to thread.
  249. Difference in Turbo kits 67 vs 72mm for 2jz
  250. 2jzge cams in 2jzgte head?