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  1. looking for a 1jza70 K&N airfilter in origional airfilterbox where to buy??
  2. questions about fuel cut
  3. 1JZ with SC300 Alternator sticking too far forward
  4. Running warm after beating on it at the track the other day
  5. 1jz black smoke and bad idle
  6. Bellhousing/gearbox/input shaft measurement needed
  7. Sensor in question
  8. tranny question
  9. Aristo ECU Conversion From Auto To R154
  10. Gremlin in my car
  11. 1JZ Power steering lines and adapting 7m oil pressure sensor
  12. Quick question- map wires?
  13. 1JZ GTE into a 1988 supra
  14. ECU questions?
  15. I'm looking for 1jzgte auto trans diagram
  16. Is there a way to read codes without the CEL on a 2JZ?
  17. Drive-Shaft? What will I lose?
  18. 1jz & Clutch & Fuel system
  19. Cold start High idle
  20. Wiring Harness Questions
  21. 1jz twin 'seals'
  22. 1jz Diverter/Blow off valve question
  23. 1jz alternator removal
  24. Igniter issue, affecting tach?
  25. Banjo bolt size 2JZ high pressure steering hose
  26. 1JZ Mystery wires on intake side? Please help with ID
  27. traction control throttle body for 2jzge swap
  28. 1JZ Toyota Pickup stock twins Tuned (dyno vids and graph)
  29. Blow Off Valve will not go off Help!
  30. White smoke
  31. getting coolant into my charge pipes and into my intercooler?????
  32. help question what size turbo to use on my twin wastegate manifold???
  33. Rear Stock CT12A missing bolt, leaking oil?
  34. Help please: 2jz-gte from an Aristo into an MK3
  35. 1jzgte is having starting proplems in the cold
  36. How much would you pay for a billet coil cover?
  37. Cluster problem with 86.5
  38. 1JZ ignition coil order?
  39. Subtle grinding noise :: manual R-154
  40. shuts down right when i press clutch in...
  41. Piston hitting spark plug!:(
  42. Clutch fork shaking... what?
  43. Code 52 and super LEAN
  44. Idles Rich 9-10 as soon as you hit gas, floods cylinders then dies *Ideas/help*
  45. Cast Iron 1jz Manifold
  46. O2 (Code 21) or ECU problem?
  47. No speed sensor signal= ?
  48. My Supra vibrates heavily after acceleration.
  49. Transmission Q
  50. Best Streetable Turbo On A 1JZ
  51. Tremec T56 Magnum. Going to try it. Information.
  52. Oil Pressure and Boost Gauges not working after 1jz
  53. 1jz running rich, ecu problem?
  54. pre 89 gray plugs?
  55. 1JZGTE 1mm oversized exhaust valves!!
  56. Power steering problem
  57. 1jz + w58 flywheel
  58. question on exhaust valves
  59. ORC Clutch (409D??)
  60. turbo timer harness
  61. Line behind the Idle Air control valve
  62. 2jz-gte vvti in mk3
  63. cracked hose in turbo intake manifold
  64. 1JZ patch harness to 2JZ Aristo problem
  65. WTK: 2JZ-GE VVTI Wiring Diagram
  66. Gs300 2jzge=>2jzgte
  67. driveshaft Question
  68. 1jz alternator wiring
  69. AEM V1 on Aristo 2jzgte?
  70. Need help identifying this connector asap..
  71. 2JZ swap using Aristo auto questions
  72. Maft gen 2
  73. 2jzge-t guys using 1.3mm kit from xs/suprastore
  74. 1JZ_Oil Leak to coilpacks assembly
  75. 2jz noob questions
  76. Not sure Where to post this 85 monte carlo 7m powered?
  77. Oil Sludge Build Up under my 1J
  78. supra gtr?
  79. Question about 1j and 2j trannys
  80. oem 1jz pistons
  81. Jza70 help!
  82. i give up 1j running like crap need some help
  83. Noob Question on Retarding Timing
  84. motor mount bracket help needed
  85. idle air control replacment
  86. best fuel pump set up for 600hp?
  87. Your 1JZ-GTE And 2JZ-GTE Swap Guide For Dummies
  88. Your 1JZ-GTE And 2JZ-GTE Swap Guide For Dummies Discussion Thread!
  89. any one use this turbo? or have ideas for 600hp turbo?
  90. HELP!! 1jzgte feels different suddenly
  91. 1JZGTE with a 2JZGTE headgasket
  92. Replacing 7M-GE with 2JZ-GE
  93. Heater valve and Catch can
  94. Need some help with this stupid tacho..
  95. crank seal replacement
  96. show us your swap
  97. lexus 2jz ge?
  98. 7mge w58 transmission with 1jz swap
  99. Someone help me identify this harness
  100. 2JZGE swap issues
  101. quick question, alternator related?
  102. Starter Replacement
  103. Stupid Question (1jz no start)
  104. oil leaking out of head
  105. Cant figure out what this wire it, or where it should go HELP
  106. Boost Logic T4 Manifold
  107. 2jzge flywheel cheap?
  108. Smokin'....- burst radiator hose and other cooling issues (2JZ)
  109. 7m clutch wit 1j engine
  110. 1jzdet rebuild
  111. Does the Aristo 2JZ have 1 or 2 stcok waste gates
  112. Temp and Tach guage quick working????
  113. Haltech PS1000
  114. 1jz , r154, gearing and mpg ?
  115. 1jz
  116. thoughts on a s-fac2
  117. 2J NA-T idle motor
  118. 2jzgte hx35
  119. Need some help. 2JZ won't crank by hand.
  120. Idle problems on Aristo swapped Mk3. Alternator/Boost leak/Fuel Related?
  121. Another whats this wire go to thread.
  122. Difference in Turbo kits 67 vs 72mm for 2jz
  123. 2jzge cams in 2jzgte head?
  124. Help* stock location for ECU in 1JZ RHD Supra
  125. Lexus is300 Tranny?
  126. Fuel during cranking , but no fuel in "on" position.
  127. Isuzu 1JZ timing belt has square teeth, is this right?
  128. 1jzgte code 31 CEL
  129. Help!!!! i think i blew a Turbo Seal!!!!(pictures)
  130. mk3 supra with 2jzge need turbo help
  131. 2jz twins on 1jzgte
  132. Need help from someone very knowledgeable!
  133. Clutch Slave Cylinder Question
  134. 87 Supra with a 2JZGTE and AFC Neo - wont start and I need help!!!
  135. Need help to build efficient reliable daily HP in a 1JZ
  136. oil catch can on stock twins?
  137. AEM 30-1100 with Aristo 2jz-gte in mk3
  138. Ok knock sensor question ( new to the 1 jz)
  139. 2jzge-t turbo potential with holset?
  140. 2JZGE-T vs 1JZGTE?
  141. 2jz wiring on mk3.. need help
  142. 2jzgte 1987 Mark III CEL After 3k RPM
  143. 1.5JZ ECU troubles opinions needed
  144. O2 sensor issue 1jzgte
  145. spark plug for the 1jzgte?
  146. 2jz-gte swap; need for beating firewall?
  147. lower radiator hose
  148. anyone interested in cnc'd billet parts? (valve covers, block off plates,coil covers)
  149. 2JZ-GTE VVT-i Wiring identification needed!!! HELP!!
  150. 1jz ecu IGF code 14 problem.
  151. 1JZ ECU Cap Repair
  152. 1jz going big single
  153. Help with the plugs for 1jz swap for early 89 7mgte
  154. Catch can mounting on your MKIII JZ swap.
  155. clutch fan questions
  156. life of capacitor before failure in 1jz ecu?
  157. 1UZ-FE swap?
  158. 1jz/2jz cam sensor plugs full of oil
  159. 7M 2J parts interchange
  160. boost drop *only* in second gear??
  161. hi and need help
  162. Converting to E85, what's required? 1JZ
  163. building the 7m or go 2jz for 600whp fun street car!
  164. 2jzgte Aristo Map sensor pinout
  165. 1jz complete build questions
  166. Fuel banjo bolt back side of the fuel rail size
  167. 1jz harness question
  168. 1GZ-FE - My new project motor!
  169. Current best option for fuel cut?
  170. 2JZ-GTE Supra & Aristo Difference
  171. 2jzge head on gte block
  172. R154 issue
  173. r 154 auto trans bell housing covert to manual r154
  174. help building a 2jzge-t
  175. 2jz billet tensioner
  176. Install the FCD before or after SAFC ?
  177. r154 bushing kit
  178. Ls400 fan clutch with 7M blades and Koyo racing Radiator?
  179. 2JZ-GTE block prep for stock HG
  180. Fuel upgrades - Time estimates for install of WB, 550's, resistor... TX2K12 related
  181. Keeping A/C in my Aristo swap - need wiring help
  182. Removing/Deleting 1jz turbo coolant lines.
  183. Drives fine but dies at idle
  184. Best Belt Routing for no P/S + no A/C ??
  185. Having trouble understanding 550cc injector swap into 2JZ
  186. How to wire jdm 2jz-gte with 6speed harness and ecu,into 1991 supra t
  187. 1jz idles but will not rev
  188. where to find toyota oversize pistons for 2jzgte/ge
  189. 2jz swap
  190. HELP 1jzgte starts and dies *video
  191. help what are these plugs
  192. 200amp Alternator 1J/2J
  193. 2jz coolant temp sensor part #
  194. Need some help from DR. Tweak!
  195. 1jay slow start
  196. JDM Aristo 2JZGTE Factory PSI
  197. 2ur-fse
  198. Where to buy 1JZ exhaust manifold gasket
  199. Where to buy a Rack and Pinion?
  200. Where to buy NEW A/C compressor/clutch for 1JZ
  201. Help 1jz flywheel
  202. Anyone put a diesel engine in a Supra?
  203. 1jz troubleshooting
  204. 1JZ wiring A/C Amp - pre-89..... Confusion (Help please)
  205. Reduced base circle ground cams.
  206. Temp Gauge problem after 1jz jzx90 swap
  207. JDM 1JZ Gauge Cluster Schematic
  208. Very detailed JZZ30 Soarer 1JZGTE ECU and body plug pinout website
  209. 1.5jz vs 2jz spool time
  210. 1jz r154 wont shift down
  211. jza70 rhd swap in a ma70?
  212. TPS Sensor pinout?
  213. JZX100 Mark II R154
  214. Need to identify 3 plugs on my harness to finish my 2jz swap! Help is appreciated <3
  215. 2jzgte vvti afm sensor = 2jzge afm ?????
  216. 1JZ Cps Seal
  217. 2JZ swap choices
  218. Hi ( camshaft info )
  219. 86.5 NA to 1JZ swap help..
  220. what in-line fuse to run between battery and alternator..
  221. fuel cut=check engine light
  222. 2jz A/C question
  223. 1JZ Oil Pressure with sandwich plate
  224. AEM V2 map sensor/TPS Issue
  225. Recently acquired
  226. no spark, no fuel injector and no CEL.
  227. took my 1j swap on its 1st real road test
  228. Some 2JZ-GTE Reassembly Questions... with pics
  229. 1JZ IAT Sensor
  230. Chosing a manual transmission for my LS engine swap...
  231. 1jz tuning issue
  232. 1jz electric speedo
  233. 1J Power Steering Pump Nipples?
  234. 2JZ in MA70 chassi vaccum question
  235. name these clips
  236. what clutch do u run in your 1j swap
  237. Charge pipe hitting hot side of turbo (na-t 2jz)
  238. 7M Wiring Harness Year differences?
  239. Error code 41 - TPS
  240. TPS sensor not getting signal
  241. 1jz into 87 supra
  242. holset turbo question will it bolt on!?
  243. 1JZ Leftover Gakets? Help!
  244. 1JZ Finally Done! Tuning Issues!
  245. 1JZ RUNS!! need charging issue and grounds location help
  246. 1jz dash problems
  247. Car stalls when clutch is pushed in once warmed up
  248. Holset oil fittings question!?
  249. Misfiring at WOT
  250. 1.5jz swap???