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  1. AR5 Trans Take Two: The Solstice Solution
  2. Rear Differential gear - Go lower than 3.73
  3. M/T Drive Shaft adn NON turbo M/T Drive Shaft
  4. Flywheel bolts keep backing off...
  5. Transmission noise=Throw out bearing?
  6. Transmission pan bolt help
  7. Which tranny cooler line is the Return, which is Send?
  8. Transmission case swap?
  9. Driveline Vibration
  10. Automatic Trans Solenoid question
  11. Tranny problem?
  12. R154 synchro help
  13. Supra Stick V4 Speed Signal
  14. MK4 / MKIV automatic transmission on MK3 / MKIII ?
  15. W58 Question...
  16. Question about the A Series Transmissions...
  17. Using a Gm trans for drag racing
  18. R154 swap
  19. Auto Trans Control...?
  20. r154 clutch system
  21. G series diff into a Ga70?
  22. tranny noise
  23. w58 extension housing
  24. Why must I sometimes put R154 in 1st gear to get into reverse?
  25. Auto Tranny Coolers
  26. Need an opinion on clutch choice
  27. MK4 W58 in MK3?
  28. Trying to find a part number for an r154
  29. Using the Aristo Automatic transmission
  30. Auto Tranny wont shift into 1st or 2nd gear while in "D"
  31. kick down cable stuck
  32. Semi built auto questions
  33. THM350 vs THM2004R
  34. trd lsd
  35. clunking noise, suggestions?
  36. R-154 Tranny Questions??
  37. Auto tranny line bolt size and pitch
  38. Okay, tired of clutch issue. Tried everything except a new clutch. Any advice?
  39. What clutches are you guys using?
  40. W58/Clutch noises & problems?
  41. time for a new clutch?
  42. Clutch Install Problem - Vibration/Unbalance
  43. TH350 question
  44. R154 Problem Fixed
  45. r154 and 1000 crank hp?
  46. Inboard axle joint play - how much is too much
  47. W58 Mount Differences?
  48. clutch bearing hub assembly cone spring
  49. Damn #@!^&$ clutch
  50. quick question
  51. Toyota A-Series Transmission controller
  52. Strange noise
  53. Flywheel torque specifications
  54. Changing shifter bushings (R154)
  55. Clutch goes to the floor and fluid is everywhere....Inside the car ?
  56. Auto Transmission Issue A340e
  57. R154 W58 trans crossmember bracket mount (rear engine mount) questions....
  58. New clutch Master cylinder 89 turbo supra and it feels like crap
  59. Differential oil seal and spacer replacement
  60. R154 Shifting problem
  61. R154 speedo help
  62. short shifter...brand?
  63. Clutch Options, and gearbox seals
  64. Speedometer drive
  65. MKIV valve body in MKIII A340
  66. Driveshaft options?
  67. a340e Vibration/shutter while shifting into 2nd under moderate to heavy load
  68. which twin disk?
  69. Quickest an R154 has gone??
  70. Replacing stock clutch with aftermarket. any suggestions?
  71. Shifter vibrations?
  72. Marlin Crawler Thrust Washer????
  73. bad bearing? clutch hiss
  74. Using a 92 A340 ECT computer in a 88?
  75. Modifying mk3 turbo lsd for drifting?
  76. clutch options.
  77. Suprastick and work's bell paddle shift system
  78. Os Giken Push pull converter thrust bearing replacement?
  79. R154 vs W58 Speedo sender
  80. grinding while slowing down in neutral. R154
  81. A340E Trans rebuild
  82. 2jzge+7m a340e auto+91 mk3
  83. First time taking apart diff. (need more top speed from th400)
  84. Odd sounds that could be clutch
  85. A340 automatic in a manual MKIII body question
  86. Polyurethane Trans mounts for an 89' supra?
  87. A340 Wont shift out of first when cold (After sitting over night) for 1st min
  88. Starter switch on tranny?
  89. R154 Hard Shifting
  90. clutch kit options, daily driver, reviews, mk3 non turbo (rockauto.com)
  91. R154 Rebuild write up?
  92. Popping Out of First Gear.
  93. Diff whine - will an oil change help?
  94. Push or Pull type clutch
  95. which clutch? 7m w58 with 1jz
  96. Wich diff i can use for my Swap 1ggte on Starlet?
  97. 7MGE-7MGTE ECT Computer
  98. 4.30:1 LSD Differential: How much is it worth?
  99. R154 specs
  100. Exploded view of a340e
  101. 7M SFI Flex plate with th350
  102. how to tell if auto tranny is shot?
  103. Shifting issues, and questions about adjustment
  104. Trans swap... n/a auto a340e into a turbo car?
  105. R154 7m clutch fork
  106. Picked up a broken R154, looking for advise to what problem might be
  107. Clutch Master Cylinder issues?
  108. are R154 transmissions usually knotchy to shift?
  109. A340e difference between with or wo ABS
  110. mk4 short shifter for NA mk3?
  111. Torque converter/ tranny issues
  112. A340E Not Doing Anything
  113. R154 Rebuild Help....
  114. R154 release bearing issue.
  115. Flex-a-lite 6 row trans cooler, In front intercooler or behind. Mounting?
  116. Which Differentials Can Be Used In the MK3?
  117. Do I need to upgrade my pressure plate?
  118. Clutch question
  119. have some questions about r154
  120. Installing Digital speed-signal-sender on R154
  121. Jza70 Diff
  122. 4.30 lsd in a mk3? How will the driveability be?
  123. RM216 Repair Manual
  124. Clunking up to 20 mph
  125. Auto Transmission
  126. JZA70 R154 Swap
  127. R154 With W58 Slave?
  128. Rebuilding an LSD
  129. a340e questions?
  130. Cressida Differential Ring Gear Help...
  131. Jdm r154
  132. Need help choosing a clutch kit for an r154
  133. Mk4 auto trans in a mk3
  134. original C's shifter replacement seat?
  135. standard tranny on a automatic 2jzgte?
  136. drilled and slotted flywheel??
  137. R154 Assembly Issue
  138. a340 not acting right
  139. A340e Hybrid transmission signal questions
  140. R154 substitute ?
  141. hairline cracks on inside of bellhousing
  142. A341E Shifting Issue
  143. 1jz flywheel and clutch
  144. Installing a valve body: How to video
  145. Quaife QBE69G on a Supra MK3 turbo
  146. r154 clutch problems
  147. Hydraulic clutch problems
  148. Upgraded Rear Axles for the MK3?
  149. 2jz to r154 clutch
  150. R154 Transmission ceased on input shaft
  151. MKIII w58 Shifter Questions
  152. 1JZ-GE Neutralizer Switch
  153. mkIII 2jz
  154. xtd flywheel problem
  155. A340E Basic Rebuild kit
  156. ATF Questions...
  157. Hard Line & Cooler Flow Direction
  158. R154 Clutch Issues
  159. XTD Clutch Stage 3
  160. aluminum driveshaft and flywheel
  161. Can u use the R154 clutch in the w58
  162. Need new rear
  163. were to get lsd rebuild kit???????
  164. Driveline Vibration In All Gears...
  165. Overdrive light
  166. About to upgrade my A340E, advice please :D
  167. Neutral Safety Switch
  168. 7m a340e (auto tranny) compatible with a 1jz swap?
  169. Tranny drain plug torque setting?
  170. differential question
  171. slave cylinder question
  172. 5th gear popping out??
  173. A340E Auto transmission question... dropping out of OD & 3rd.
  174. Stock Differentials
  175. how much will a stock 1j clutch handle
  176. Turbo car gear ratios for drag strip, I need some advice!
  177. clutch master stage 2. any good?
  178. plug where the pilot bearing goes???
  179. MK2+7M+v160+5.29 final drive
  180. R154 trans cooler set up for JZX110?
  181. trans compatability
  182. When is transmission gear replacement needed?
  183. 3rd gear grind
  184. Possible clutch slave cylinder went out
  185. R154 1st gear problems
  186. centerforce clutch kit
  187. New Gears...Where To Buy??
  188. Modulator Valve - A340E where?
  189. Trans help please
  190. Who changed their ring and pinion?
  191. AR5 Trans speed sensor solution?
  192. R154 7mgte clutch options
  193. A340E throttle body cable
  194. Where to find OS giken R154 close ratio gear sets.
  195. W58 Help
  196. Drive shaft uncertainty
  197. Need a rebuilt transmission for 92 non-turbo
  198. Question about buying differential
  199. R150 transmission swap
  200. Problem R154: 1st Gear to Neutral (turn back)
  201. plugs on the transmission?
  202. What can cause this?????
  203. ACT puck clutch break in
  204. SS Braided Line question for Automatic Tranny
  205. R154 clutch for moderate-high TQ and hard use?
  206. Swapping an auto for a w58 in 87 supra problem with mounts and drive shaft lengths
  207. Drive shaft angle
  208. Noise from drivetrain, felt through floorboard
  209. OS Giken R154 - 5th gear ratio change?
  210. have a r154 question for the experts
  211. 2JZ swap destroying pressure plates, any ideas?
  212. Problems...
  213. grinding noise
  214. A340 over drive direct clutch speed NCO pulses per revolution
  215. w58 on 7mgte?
  216. R-154 Gear-Ratio question. Regarding the speedo gear.
  217. 1st gear fine, 2,3,4,5,R,Neutral blocking.
  218. Auto Trans CEL read/clear signal
  219. Transmission is making a little knock noise ..
  220. 1jz/r154 swap, gears 1,3 not working....
  221. TQ converter bolts
  222. r154 : identify this
  223. Drivetrain position question
  224. A340e shift timing retard please help!!!
  225. R154 leaking
  226. 3.90lsd pinion nut size
  227. R154 Clutch fork hook, broken bolts.
  228. rear pinion bearing going
  229. Trans temp guage
  230. Bought the SupraStick; Need paddle shifters?
  231. Aristo A340 on 7m swap
  232. A340E problem partially solved but still looking for help
  233. Diff question
  234. Soarer trans swap issue
  235. 87 Supra turbo A340E rebuild
  236. Tranny won't shift at wot in pwr mode
  237. 92+ax15
  238. Destruction of a 6-Puck Clutch
  239. Bad Syncro? Scratching my head here.
  240. Leaking R154.... Help diagnose please!
  241. lsd input shaft questions on a mk3
  242. clutch options 8xx hp ?
  243. Taking apart soarer r154... Similar to mk3?
  244. W58 stock pressure plate size
  245. Any trick to removing a stuck fill plug in the differential?
  246. ford 9" or ford explorer 8.8"
  247. Too much clutch
  248. R154 into a MK4
  249. MK3 Turbo R154 Won't Go Into 1st, 2nd, Reverse
  250. What to expect when you're expecting.....A broken shift fork.