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  1. Calculating Dwell time
  2. Alternator/Charging System
  3. Igniter/Coil System
  4. Code 51
  5. Improved grounding
  6. Testing the O2 sensor off the car.
  7. 3P's TCCS Disassembly/Analysis
  8. Wiring Harness Terminals
  9. Recommended Crimping Tool
  10. Knock Sensor Rewire Debate?
  11. Auto to 5 spd swap code 51
  12. Help me ID this Remaped 7m ECU
  13. Weird starting issue, Temp sensor related
  14. Questions about ECU's and Limp Mode?
  15. A/T ecu vs M/T ecu questions
  16. Ignitor temperature
  17. Low voltage on MREL pin of ecu
  18. Engine code-00
  19. speedo light
  20. forcing car into open loop
  21. Head lights will not shut off
  22. gauge cluster wiring?
  23. headlights high beams on reg
  24. Brake Lights VS Tail Lights
  25. automatic trans issue
  26. fuel pump hardwire?
  27. Installing Gauges
  28. 1jz auto harness + 1jz m/t ecu??
  29. soldering iron
  30. What to do with extra wires and connectors?
  31. ignition color cable
  32. sudden rich condition, code 11, fixed by EFI reset
  33. quick wiring harness question
  34. wire harness compatible??
  35. 4th connector plug on 7mgte engine harness
  36. Fuse panel for wiring accessories?
  37. Boost Pressure Sensor Differences
  38. How do I fix Check Engine Light - Bulb is Good
  39. Project pick up
  40. (VIDEO) nothing turns on on the dashboard,full battery
  41. oil temp gauge
  42. 7MGTE Power Path and MX83?
  43. **JDM Folding mirror wiring help***
  44. Kick panel fuse box wire
  45. Auto Trans Control...?
  46. 1989 wiring harness into a 1987 chassis.
  47. 2jzgte tps on 7m electroncs?
  48. Who can remove speed limiter on a JDM 7MGTE ECU?
  49. Stock Oil pressure gauge issues
  50. Driving Blind
  51. ac fuse keeps blowing
  52. Cigarette Lighter
  53. part swap info
  54. Grounds
  55. Which direction does power travel Mrel,B+1,b1 ect.
  56. contemplating my first move on my first supra help!
  57. TEMS with 1UZ Swap
  58. Igniter Schematics
  59. Loss of 4 volts in 12 hours... Help please!
  60. 89' 7M-GTE MKIII Supra TPS Issues
  61. Will my system be able to handle running 6 55w HID's at the same time?
  62. bad ignition control module or bad tps
  63. JDM 2JZ-GTE Runs rough
  64. rewire the coil pack connector
  65. Brake lights problem
  66. coolant temp gauge doesnt want to work =[
  67. A/C Amplifier question
  68. Starter wtf
  69. sensor in thermostat,whats its function?
  70. in dash quesions
  71. hooking up a laptop
  72. coolant gauge fluctuates!! help
  73. Wiring for a race car
  74. 7MGTE engine harness
  75. help electric fans wiring!!
  76. 1jz-gte fuel system questions
  77. ABS sensors - pulses pr revolution
  78. Wiring information for 89' 7M-GTE MKIII Supra - Japanese Import
  79. egr delete, anyone?
  80. 88 7mgte wire tuck.
  81. AEM EMS mk3 supra cold start and engine load problems
  82. Engine change "electrical" issues
  83. Knock Sensors???
  84. Once again
  85. mk3 7m vs 2jz
  86. MKIII 89' parasitic drain
  87. ford countour cooling fans
  88. i know, i know, not the 12v mod question agian......
  89. engine won't stay on
  90. engine bay ign. source
  91. 91' 7mgte wiring harness question
  92. 92 supra 7mgte cutting out at 2800
  93. 7mgte shuts off after going past 2500 rpms!!!!
  94. Complete power failure ! 89 Supra
  95. Can you use a 1986 7mgte ecu with a 1992 7mgte motor??
  96. Deeply discharged optima battery....
  97. no knock sensors on 92 7mgte
  98. 7mgte MAF plgin pic needed
  99. 12V Mod issues.
  100. Wiring Gurus: Shielding on KNK, CPS, and OX wires
  101. RX7 Sparkplugs?
  102. knock sensor question
  103. these are the knock sensors im planning on gettin ???/
  104. 88 engine harness in a 92 help
  105. water damage electrical issues.
  106. WTB 1jz/2jz camshaft position sensor
  107. After sitting for a year car cranks but won't start
  108. ECU water temp quick fix
  109. Check Engine Light On before car is turned on
  110. Can you make a fuel pump relay for an 87 7mge supra
  111. Is the O2 supposed to do this?
  112. tps question?
  113. I have fire fuel and air but the car wont start
  114. how to check the iac "idle air control valve" for power?
  115. Cam Position Sensor Rebuild?
  116. do i really need a egt sensor and guage?
  117. electronic boost guage
  118. engine harness w/ HKS F CON ecu
  119. 90 cluster in pre 89
  120. 1jz/ma70 Gauge Cluster Issue
  121. Whiring and afr help!!
  122. WTB Knock sensor and connector
  123. aftermarket car alarm install help needed
  124. Suddenly no start, no power to fuel pump, Ecu?
  125. Yellow and Red wires in a plug????
  126. ECU Location For Motor Swap
  127. Motor Swap
  128. Splitting/Rerouting wire harness
  129. weird tps voltage problem
  130. New ECU in 2jz swap still need 7m wiring harness?
  131. No power to ignition switch
  132. HELP: Intermittent fuse/ wiring Issue- 88 MA70
  133. No start? Help!
  134. Should the EFI relay get hot
  135. dying altenator
  136. 88 MKIII Tail light probs a lil help?
  137. Code 42
  138. ma70 voltage drop batterylight+cat light on?
  139. Help With Starter 7m-ge
  140. Swapping out 7MGTE automatic with 1JZ manual.
  141. Posible short ??????????????
  142. Main Relay Control Circuit Necessary??
  143. Harness Connector Part Numbers
  144. help 87 supra wont start now
  145. Gauge problems
  146. Unknown connector issue
  147. 1983 supra dash light issue
  148. Code11 please help
  149. 4 Gauge for batt relocation?
  150. 7mgte won't fire, help please.
  151. Where does this plug into? 1988 7MGE
  152. Code 31 - AFM
  153. another fuel cut question
  154. Alternator not charging
  155. 88 supra non turbo ( vacuum surge tank and vcv)
  156. Not getting electric. Please help! Lost!
  157. went from error code 22 an 51 to 41
  158. quickie? alternator wire where does it go?
  159. WHERE to buy flux for soldering wire
  160. Need some HELP varifying some electrical plugs and wires! '89 MK3 Turbo 7MGTE
  161. 2jzgte electrical on a 7mgte?
  162. misfire
  163. Engine harness help
  164. Super monitor difference
  165. Error code question
  166. Injectors not firing
  167. Heater fan failure
  168. 7M-GTE on 2JZ-GTE electronics
  169. Re-wiring/replacing factory splices in factory harness
  170. Turbo, Oil & Fuel gauges off. How to repair them?
  171. Need best options for this wiring harness
  172. Injector resistor bypass=87 mkIII. to run high imp 550cc injectors
  173. SC300 with 1JZ VVTI soarer swap- Please help!!
  174. Engine Wiring Question
  175. Theoretical question: Could this set up go lean at WOT?
  176. '87 Supra headlight problem
  177. NEED HELP wiring 550 lexus injecters to a 88 supra turbo
  178. Code 11 and idling problem
  179. car runs badly after putting in different gas.
  180. Msd tach adapter help!
  181. 1989 Mge A/T non- turbo, 7.5 fuse in Driver's kick panel is reading 13 amp output
  182. fuel gauge malfunction
  183. 87 7MGTE No Spark; In desperate need of help in NORFOLK
  184. OIL causing high idle?
  185. Tracing out electrical issues, now no crank
  186. Cabin Wiring issues. Please Help.
  187. Does an Automatic harness work on a manual supra?
  188. FL 2.0L battery fuse - how 2 replace?
  189. Dash symbol curiosity and Power window question
  190. How to tell if my car is pre-89 or later.
  191. 87 mk3 aem ems v1 pnp install.
  192. 1jz mk3, charging/electrical issues
  193. Wire harness with couple broken plugs need fixen
  194. fuel pump relay
  195. MK3 starting issue
  196. Brake light help
  197. mkIII security issue
  198. Check Engine light wont light up.
  199. Need assistance determining what a wire is for
  200. Error code 15 ?
  201. Knock Sensor Rewire - I'm confused! Almost done
  202. White with Indiglo Backlit Speedo Guages?
  203. Wire tuck and under hood fuse/relay box
  204. Electrical Help, fuse panel
  205. Odd brake light issue
  206. Dash wiring
  207. turn signals wont work after changing the clutch
  208. Help a newbie with wire identification (photos included)
  209. green wire for COR use as ground for fuel pump relay?
  210. gauges inop
  211. ID 7mgte Electrical Connector query
  212. barebone 7m.. which ecu to use?
  213. Climate control issues
  214. Puzzled on Knock Sensor
  215. 7MGTE Patch Wire
  216. 1JZ No Fuel or Ignition - Experts Suggestions Wanted!
  217. alternator issues
  218. vvti or non-vvti coils 7mgte 900+ whp
  219. 2jzge vvti help needed
  220. 7mgte Engine Harness Terminals for knock sensors
  221. Rebuilding my engine harness
  222. Ma70 instrument cluster woes
  223. Where does this wire plug in? Have an extra plug after BHG repair.
  224. coil pack main harness
  225. No voltage to the ecu terminal B+
  226. No brake lights and bypassing rear yellow box didn't fix???
  227. adding cruise control, switching to digital dash
  228. 7mgte question.... wires from harness under dash
  229. Over heating cps (potentially)
  230. 1JZGTE won't rev up past ~3,300RPM???
  231. 5MGTE fuel injector non-pulse issue
  232. s14 1jz wiring tidbits ??
  233. Fuel pump not turning on
  234. Window Switches and Filp Up Lights Not Working
  235. Chassis 12v Short
  236. Does anyone have a pic of the stock boost gauge cluster wiring
  237. mk3 1jz supra high boost signal at idle
  238. MKIV indicators not working
  239. Speed signal to ECU in a car with electric speed sensor? Looking for tips.
  240. 87 7mgte. Where does this wire connect?
  241. 1jzgte cylinders 4 and 5 no fuel
  242. 7M GE Turbo knock sensor issue
  243. First start problems
  244. Factory Alarm Issue 91 Supra w/ 1JZ.
  245. Need help narrowing down short circuit from cluster to engine ground.
  246. AFM Karman/Vortex Unplugged
  247. FJO wiring help!!! Wideband
  248. Interior Fuse Box Replacement
  249. Wiring harness help.
  250. Mk3 afm help