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  1. Howto: Transmission Oil Change, the easy way!
  2. Auto Trans Oil Change Made Easy, MKiii
  3. Ways to cure 7M oiling issues
  4. Your favorite motor oil and why.
  5. Motor Oil Basics, Reading a Data Sheet, and Synthetics
  6. Want to Make Changing Your Oil Easy? Take an Oil Sample? Take a Look
  7. Evans NPG?
  8. Oil Squirter Opening Pressure Test Info
  9. Oil Analysis - Post your VOA and UOA Here
  10. Is Using 20W-50 Oil Good For Your Motor?
  11. Conventional Oil Filters
  12. Can Royal Purple with LSD additive in R154 cause harder shifts?
  13. Oil running past my turbo seals? Too thin?
  14. 2jz not liking synthetic oil?
  15. Im Thinking Of Switching Oils And Weights
  16. Viscosity Of Common Oils - Chart
  17. Im thinking about using GM SynchroMesh in my tranny...
  18. Q Horsepower
  19. Proper Engine Break-in Oil and When to Switch to Synthetic Oil
  20. Risk of switching oil?
  21. What Oil???
  22. Whats the amount of gearoil for r154?
  23. Which oil would you recomend?
  24. Motor breaking oil down too fast?
  25. Eneos 0W50
  26. Oil Relocation Adapter for Dual Filter Remote (Conventional + Bypass)
  27. Is German Castrol really going the way of the dinosaur?
  28. Castrol Edge RS...The Best Oil on the Market?
  29. Jet engine oil
  30. Using A 0W-20?
  31. FilterMAG
  32. I read AE Haas, now what oil? Still have a question...
  33. Molybedium Disulfide and MPZ
  34. New oem oil pump, should i still shim it?
  35. Do forged pistons require different oil?
  36. Oil Sample Report
  37. very good information here
  38. A quick question regardng oil and oil pressure
  39. Anyone ever used Engine restore?
  40. Power Steering
  41. Installing a Full Flow, Thermostat Controlled Oil Cooler & Remote Filter
  42. Schaeffer Motor Oil
  43. Mixing synthetic and dino oil
  44. Royal Purple XPR Racing Oil
  45. Valvoline Syn-Power 75W-90 in a R154 experience...
  46. Mobil1 european oils. Which is better?
  47. Kendall 75W-90 full synthetic gear oil
  48. Anyone ever heard about using Diesel oil?
  49. Flat Tappets, old motors and ZDDP
  50. Mobil 1 "Advanced Fuel Economy"?
  51. Gear oil for W58?
  52. Amsoil 5W-40
  53. Changing oil every 3k miles. Are people wasting money?
  54. Coolant filter pics
  55. Oil change interval?
  56. Using flourescent oil dye with synthetic oil
  57. See the Purolator PureOne new Purty filter
  58. Oil amount
  59. BTU efficiency to horsepower
  60. Zmax Micro Lubricant
  61. Oil Flow vs Pressure
  62. Rotella weight
  63. -10 oil filter relocation kit
  64. Torsen diff gear oil. What to use?
  65. Dual Filter Mount ?
  66. Some basic but unanswerd questions about viscosity
  67. Oil Cooler Setup on a Budget
  68. adding second oil cooler
  69. Some questions
  70. Royal Purple break-in oil?
  71. Oil and Engine Design...PAO vs Ester Oils
  72. One year oil/filter change
  73. Open Differential Lubricants
  74. Aftermarket Auto Trans cooler?
  75. thinking about adding a second oil cooler VW style
  76. Redline 0w-40
  77. What filter to use with filter relocatation?
  78. coolant additives
  79. 600 hp Oil upgrades?
  80. Coolant system flush
  81. High Temp Brake Fluid In Your Clutch System?
  82. GR Synthetic Oil
  83. issues running GC
  84. Mobil 1 S2000, high mileage
  85. BG syncroShift 2 ??
  86. Switching to synthetic?
  87. weird oil color after slight use
  88. Castrol Edge
  89. ford oil supplement
  90. Why you can't try to teach people about oil
  91. Bearing clearances vs oil viscosity
  92. Oil Filter difference
  93. API GL5 Vs. GL4
  94. There's no teaching the brainwashed...
  95. german moly oil
  96. Change your oil every six months..WHY?..Time vs. mileage
  97. oil weight selection based on track use.
  98. Peer Review oil 101
  99. Can i get your opinion
  100. Oil advice for higher mileage engines
  101. Fried some steaks now time for oil change?
  102. Good Oil for Torsen LSD rear end
  103. cSt? pennzoil platinum 10w30 too thick?
  104. oil filter relocation part.
  105. oil pressure.. Dry sump.
  106. ford 75w90+modifier
  107. Differential
  108. difference in construction for different oil filter applications
  109. Switch to Synthetic = numerous leaks
  110. german castrol oil change
  111. What is Motorkote?
  112. The difference between normal and high milage oils??
  113. Red Line 75W90 or 75W90 NS for Differential
  114. ATF & PS Fluid Question
  115. 6 speed getrag oil
  116. "regular oil" not synthetic
  117. Pennzoil Ultra
  118. Poor motor oil selection and excessive temperatures in rebuilt 7m
  119. Filter mount w/sensor port?
  120. Royal Purple Oil - Turbo Killer?
  121. Water to oil cooler?
  122. Does anyone use Toyota Brand motor oil in their Supra?
  123. Motul 8100 0W-40
  124. Mobil 1 oil experience.... :(
  125. Best air filter?
  126. oil pressure sender question.
  127. Green Grease?
  128. Broken gauge or other problems?
  129. 0w-20
  130. Auto Tranny cooler Questions
  131. Solved:Not locking anymore
  132. Shell Rotella T6 5W-40?
  133. What do you think about this? Video.
  134. power steering filtration???
  135. Thoughts on GC 0-30 in a Cummings Diesel
  136. where to buy castrol 0-30w
  137. 0-40 synthetic = rod knock
  138. Castrol 20W50 Syntec Blend in 7MGTE been running fine no problem
  139. Champion Racing 20w-50
  140. Magnafine Filter Install Pics
  141. Amsoil Bypass Filter Install
  142. Oil Thermostat
  143. Chevron Delo 400 15w40
  144. Filling the oil cooler? and one more question...
  145. Forcefield spin on oil filter magnet?
  146. accusump Q's
  147. Royal Purple Oil Filters
  148. First Oil Change....EVER!
  149. bigger oil cooler
  150. mounting oil thermostat
  151. Oil filter after break-in.
  152. How do I clean my new AN hoses after assembly?
  153. Dual Filter by pass filter/mount clarification
  154. bmk22 bypass fillter and oil cooler install on 1jz
  155. New Castrol Edge
  156. Will I have an oil pressure problem?
  157. 5w40 synthetic for a 1J?
  158. the "green" oil
  159. 1jzgte dry sump
  160. Cooling System Rehaul
  161. What motor oil should I use in my 7MGTE? (I ask after reading all sticky threads)
  162. Oil system upgraded to full flow...start engine...uppgrade again, ideas?
  163. Air filter choices
  164. First oil change on Mkiv
  165. Proper engine break-in question.
  166. LC4 top end lubrication.
  167. 7m Oil Cooler Setup
  168. Best oil for N/A with 71k miles
  169. lucas assenbly lube?
  170. Alternative differential/gearbox oil choices
  171. o-ring AN fitting?
  172. Oil changing adventures
  173. longer oil filter
  174. OEM Toyota Filter Info
  175. Arizona Performance oil pipe install
  176. Oil Thermostat Question
  177. 7MGTE Oil Cooler Bypass Questions
  178. Roil oil additive experiences.
  179. flushing crankcase
  180. Changing the Oil Filter but not the Oil - How Much Oil Can I Expect to Lose?
  181. Need your opinion Jdub on Aussie oil brand plz
  182. Interested in making a pig for my newly rebuilt engine!
  183. gm fuel filter part number
  184. Car in storage for 2 1/2 years.
  185. New Napa Platinum synthetic oil filters
  186. gearbox/lsd oil
  187. Race fuel questions
  188. LSD Oil Suggestion
  189. Oil Pump Question
  190. Soon to be dead engine? Calling JJ, IJ,and Jdub
  191. Motor Flush
  192. CM 400 Series Spin-On Inspection Oil Filters (6 1/4" Tall)
  193. Straight 30 oil for break-in
  194. witch side??
  195. Type f tranny fluid mk3 supra?
  196. oil direction inside the block?
  197. Lithium Soap Base Glycol Grease?
  198. LSD Oil
  199. Permacool oil filter adapter
  200. Synthetic oil?
  201. Ester base oils + alcohol fuels= bad?
  202. accusump??
  203. Rotella T6 5w 40 in 7mgte
  204. What VP Fuels' methanol grade to buy?
  205. Killing The Myth: ATF vs PS Fluid
  206. Can I adjust greddy 2jz oil cooler for 7M-gte
  207. mx83 front sump confusion .... help !!!!
  208. Full Flow Without Thermostat
  209. Oil-to-Water Cooler
  210. oil choice suggestions for rebuilt engine
  211. No oil Pressure HELP!!
  212. Perma Cool products, your thoughts?
  213. Oil Pressure Sensor Placement.
  214. Mobil 1 ATF in Power Steering
  215. purolator synthetic oil filter
  216. oil grade vs. bearing clearances
  217. R-154 Transmission Oil
  218. Molybdenum Amine & Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate.
  219. Oil fittings
  220. Mishimoto oil coolers!
  221. 7mgte Oil Leak, Lucas Oil Treatment or Not?
  222. Oil Cooler Question
  223. Rebuild 3.73 LSD friction mod question
  224. Purol motor oil?
  225. Oil Cooler Bypass/T-stat
  226. Valve Cleaner Test/Comparison (video)
  227. RX7 Oil Cooler
  228. Slapping on a new oil cooler
  229. Mobile One VS Extended Performance VS High Mileage
  230. Oil temp and and oil line routing
  231. Wanna Try Royal Purple 10W-40 Oil for the Summer - Too Thick or Thin??
  232. Cold temps demonstrated on conventional oil