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  1. PIONEER's Writeup On How to Replace Timing Belt
  2. Specific 7mgte Rebuild Tips
  3. How to avoid or minimize the chance of rod knock
  4. Dylan's How To: Head Removal 101
  5. Dylan's How To: Head Disassembly
  6. Dylan's How-To: BHG Reassembly
  7. Shim your 7m oil pump for more oil pressure
  8. 7M assembly tips.
  9. Rod Knock Diagnosis and FAQ
  10. J-tube Bypass- for using an aftermarket high flow fuel pump.
  11. How To: basic timing instructions, CPS alignment
  12. MK3 Engine Fasteners
  13. Bolt and Stud options for the 7M.
  14. Putting your head on.
  15. a tool to help you guys
  16. Piston Slap (what is it?)
  17. piston to cylinder bore clearence
  18. Assembly torques ARP and Crower.
  19. Rods
  20. Piston Protrusion
  21. piston slap
  22. cam suggestions
  23. Is our crank forged?
  24. oil pump ds bearings?
  25. need advice on my crank situation
  26. I need experienced (& smart) people here
  27. quick crank question
  28. Are there advantages to running a destroked 7M?
  29. Oil Squirters and Turbo oiling
  30. Deciding on a particular compression ratio
  31. Rod specs..
  32. testing injectors w/ multimeter
  33. na oil pump
  34. Connecting Rods
  35. piston clearance
  36. NPR rings
  37. Rod Knock, Bearing Replacement
  38. A simple question
  39. Engine Grooves
  40. 1JZGTE piston rings?
  41. Head questions
  42. High rpm components, let's cover everything.
  43. Exhaust manifold temperature
  44. Engine internal part strength
  45. Valveshaft
  46. Oil Pump Question
  47. cp pistons, eagle rods =cr?
  48. piston help
  49. DOWARD: Bryan Maloof's Shop, Rods/Pistons setup
  50. 7mge motor swap tranny difficulty
  51. Possible oil control ring problem?
  52. BC 272 Cams with stock rods and pistons?
  53. cam bearing packing???
  54. Valve Stem Seals
  55. Piston height in block 7MGTE
  56. how much power can the rest of the car take
  57. Unshrouding the valves?
  58. Mahle 7M pistons
  59. Cutaway models of just about ANY component you could name.
  60. stock head with 264 or 272 cams
  61. OEM or aftermarket bearings and rings?
  62. 7m main caps?
  63. aftermarket flywheel
  64. Head pitting repair suggestions
  65. 1JZ valve bucket shims?
  66. 7MGTE clean out..
  67. How important are torque plates exactly
  68. Lifters dropped from the head, what to do?
  69. 6M/7M crankshafts
  70. 7m-gte rebuild
  71. What happens when the trust bearings are not installed??
  72. combustion chamber "squish pads"
  73. OEM bottom end bearings
  74. Overheated engine damage to block?
  75. building a second motor
  76. A340 Experts wanted
  77. The Lightest Pistons, Hands Down
  78. bore size conversion
  79. Rebuild or Buy?
  80. koyo radiator repair
  81. Main cap direction
  82. Any experience with AJUSA gaskets, cams or other parts?
  83. Engine swap??
  84. Fuel demand and Power tables
  85. Bearing selection
  86. chipped piston is functionable? should I replace it?
  87. Bearing wear diagnosis help! (pics)
  88. Oil pump shimming
  89. how much can be removed safely from a 7m block before i run into issues
  90. Head Gasket thickness selection
  91. Cleaning Block Surface when Block is in Car
  92. Couple questions, oil pump shaft bearings, cylinder size
  93. Purchasing Toyota Select Fit Bearing set
  94. Rusty Internals
  95. Numbers everywhere.
  96. Engine Balancing?
  97. Crower or Pauter rods?
  98. Pros & Cons of Aluminum Con Rods
  99. 1JZ GTE VVTi MAF Sensor
  100. More piston clearance questions
  101. 7m-gte crank specs
  102. Total Seal Piston Rings
  103. NEW here please bare with me :) Clutch+ tranny issue
  104. Do new cast pistons require
  105. has anyone ever...
  106. compresion test went real bad
  107. Piston dish?
  108. Odd stains after washing
  109. MAin bearings Problems
  110. MHG 3mm...
  111. ARP Undercut vs. Standard studs?
  112. ENG blancing
  113. 2jz block bored out with 1jz crank?
  114. Aftermarket pulleys
  115. Engine Lifespan..?
  116. oversided valves/without p&p?
  117. Machine work help & recommendations ???
  118. rod and main bearings
  119. stock or aftermarket
  120. Head machining needs
  121. Cylinder Max taper spec?
  122. polished pistons?
  123. Minimum cylinder head height
  124. Crankshaft Question.....
  125. 10 under mains and rod bearings
  126. Fire ring anyone?
  127. bhg repair...isnt the horse dead??
  128. Uses of a Torque Plate?
  129. Oil Shaft Bearing installation *Please Help*
  130. NO Torque Plate and Boring the block ???s
  131. torque specs
  132. Low compression on #1
  133. Supertech Valves 0.5mm and Dual Valve Springs Retainers
  134. upgrade turbo from ct12a to ct12b
  135. no start no spark
  136. Camshaft Thrust Clearance Issues
  137. Building Bottom End
  138. 7M bearing choices
  139. What's the reversion dam?
  140. hks stopper head gasket vs reg hks
  141. oil squrter delete wrist pin stavation ?
  142. Need to source, 7m copper head gasket with o-rings
  143. To Forge or Not to forge
  144. Best cast pistons
  145. -10 AN Hose Inside Diameter
  146. 7MGTE Forged piston comparison
  147. Fuel Pump Gas Facts
  148. don't know which RA to get to make up for the machine work If 2mm MHG is used
  149. Cam timing, With stock cams and gears NA-T making A shit load of low end torque..
  150. check engine light problem and question.
  151. how much boost can my 7mgte handle
  152. supercharger questions
  153. Start for new rebuild
  154. Valve sring washers??
  155. crank scraper?
  156. Bearing Diagnosis
  157. 1JZ exhaust valve material?
  158. Aftermarket camshafts
  159. Uderdrive pulley
  160. Need help....Maryland
  161. 6m motor 7m crank pulley
  162. Rod bearing diagnostics
  163. Question about pistons & rods
  164. cams for my 7m, 500-600whp powerband
  165. E3 spark plugs proven for more power and fuel efficiency.
  166. Spring recommedations
  167. 1JZ burns oil after BC 264 install.
  168. First engine build
  169. Why are stronger rod bolts required as horsepower is increased?
  170. Piston ring gap
  171. cracked head or block? air entering cooling system under boost
  172. Bigger bore lower Boost cut?
  173. Rock Engine Bearings?
  174. Valve spring requirements for cams
  175. Overheating on a 87 7M-GE
  176. 2jzgte problems.?
  177. Anyone had work done at Turbo Masters? I'm looking for a qualified shop in San Diego.
  178. Cam seals refuse to seal.
  179. engine machining and build Q's
  180. No fire fuel injectors
  181. metal in oil after rebuild? or something else? got a pic.
  182. Smaller intake cam for better low-end?
  183. Wrist pins 7mgte - NEED HELP
  184. Does anyone know how to hook up a aeromotive fuel pressure regularor to a mk3?
  185. Possible Rod Knock
  186. Question? Haltech sport 2000 on 2jz gte anyone using the stock ignition module?
  187. help 87 mk3 running very bad all the sudden went up hill now atleast 1 cyl down?HELP
  188. 7mge head on 5mge bottom end
  189. Valvetrain question
  190. 7M Head, Whats the most CFM anyone has ever made them flow?
  191. zero compression in cyl 4????
  192. possable engine moving?
  193. Itb tuning
  194. 7MGTE rods in my 7MGE?????
  195. BC stage 4 cams
  196. Help car wont start
  197. Rear main seal: To change or not?
  198. knock sound cause found! Now, why did it happen?!?!
  199. Bearing clearances and crank polishing
  200. Need help with engine damage (pics)
  201. fuel dampner bypass 7mgte
  202. R-154 W58 compatability
  203. First 7mgte Rebuild
  204. Anyone have a 7M torque plate I can borrow?
  205. Fuel Injector sizing
  206. Oil coming from Behind Motor mount??
  207. Alternator
  208. Looking for radiator shroud!!
  209. Porters Performance?
  210. Bad afm sensors
  211. 1jzgte block build
  212. Anyone know a GREAT machine shop near CT????
  213. Car Wont Start
  214. Removing a stock CT-26 / Re-installing a 57-trim
  215. 2jzgte? 2jzge? build
  216. intake manifold question
  217. 1988 Toyota supra starting upgrades
  218. 7M-GTE FFIM calculations
  219. Bought a newly rebuilt block and....
  220. 7MGE BHG Questions
  221. 92 7mgte only getting to 160 degrees???
  222. What's your experience with the Ebay 3" DDPs?
  223. 7mgte head vs 7mge head?
  224. cam questions and crap
  225. Stupid Question: Would a Throttle Spacer make any difference on a turbo engine?
  226. 7MGE Valve Seals
  227. no egr valve at all
  228. which 2jz to get???
  229. Graphite head gasket good or bad
  230. Poor leakdown test
  231. Wiseco Wire Lock Installation
  232. 12:1 compression, boost?
  233. Ffim conversion on 7mgte turbo
  234. How to install my cold Air intake? ( mass air flow sensor)
  235. 550CC injectors on 7mgte
  236. 91 Turbo over heating
  237. Head porting write up?
  238. bad egr?
  239. need help finding the wrist pin snap rings
  240. Supra 1G-GTE HKS Stroker Kit
  241. got a slight problem
  242. (( Need Help )) 2JZGTE Engine Problem. (( Need Help ))
  243. 2jz swap in a MK3 rpm gauge not working
  244. Head Gasket Replacement!
  245. Overpressure in radiator system + ABS and Tracs problems + odometer?
  246. white smoke no sign of bhg???
  247. Blow Off Valve Not Working On Stock Twin Why?
  248. 7MGTE oil pan removal???
  249. 7MGTE Intake Bolt kit?
  250. noob... please help!