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hi, tubbie, I have bought parts from you many times before and have been satisfied your parts/service. Now, I am looking for electric door lock switch drivers side for my 1988 supra. Got one for sale? How much? If don't have one , know where I can find one. Thanks. Jace
New to this forum. Searching for the following part for a 1989 Toyota Supra Turbo V6 Automatic - Part Number 7810014081 (Link Assembly Accelerator ). Any advice / direction would be greatly appreciated.
That's good. I wouldn't want my good looks to come between our friendship. The five or six states between us do a good enough job of that. You should move down south. You'd get a lot more yards to cut and a longer season to do it.
so what ever happened to this ecu?

i just want to know was i tricked from the start

or was it a genuine trade that just never eventuated...
Hi interested in a set of the front side markers on the fenders shipped to tq69ga UK if you still have any.
Hey, long time lurker and finally getting crap done on my boss. I went through Stevens entire build thread and I really like the coil mount you made for him with the 1zz could. I s wondering if you could send me a file related to that. I'm solid works savvy and would like to get that made at my shops machine shop. Any info would be much appreciated. Maybe even a donation for incentive?

Thanks man.
Hey man, really love the rims you have on your 88 two tone. I have the exact same color combo and am finally getting her back on the road after getting hit by someone 4 years ago and am in the market for rims and yours look beautiful with that color combo, would you mind telling me what kind they are and what size?
Hey Albert I was hoping that i could get any CNC machine files and tooling required. I would love to help you get this going and any r&d i would report back to you. Honestly any help into getting this swapped over would be appreciated. I'm a big 7m guy and love the idea of keeping it around, I just need a transmission to put behind it now.
Hello from Arizona, just curious if I could get a little help from you with wiring all I need to know is which wires does what on the body side of the engine to body connector for an 87 naturally aspirated supra I'm doing a 1jzgte swap and the wiring has me stumped. I've looked at all the wiring posts on sm and tsrm doesn't show it please if you have this info email me at
Where is Madison Al? Have we met? I used to have a card with all the usernames and real names and the ones I've met but my daughters have moved it and I can't find it. Just curious, Jay
I have been folowing Your Disassembly/Analysis thread for a long time. I dont own a supra, but i own RX7 (fd3s). It has denso ecu, and inside there is a D151803 controller. I have bought chiped ecu. It has external eprom added, but data is scrambled. It looks like this:
I saw that you wrote, that you had made simple board to run external eprom? Maybe you could share it? My car runs rich on idle/low load. I would like to adjust VE table.
Thank you
What's up Chuck? Still got the supra? I know it caught fire. Not sure what you did after that.
Wow, it's been five and a half years since anyone has posted in here.......and both times it was me. What a good friend I
Thanks Ken. It's been about that long since I've posted on least it seems that way. I've been so busy with work, I haven't done anything to my car except pull the engine and take everything off of it. Maybe one day soon, I'll get it to the machine shop. Not sure yet, what I'm going to put it in
This is my first time writing anything. I have been dormant since 2013. That's the time I have join. Keeping my speech short am back. Glad to be among. Supra guys like myself.
@BoostMonger I desperately need to update my build thread, don't I??!!
Put on new brakes rotors and s/s lines
Brake warning light on and off changes from brute to dim
Is it just the fluid sensor or a brake system issue