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For those of you wondering about Piratetips rebuilds. They are amazing. I finally got mine in my car and have driven it around some. I haven't raced it or even been over a hundred yet, but so far it's a great improvement over my stock one. Mine was a whiny little bitch though. So far I haven't heard any noises from the rear of my car...….just the twin disc clutch. Thanks for a great product!!!!!
1...86.5 White NA HT W58-$old
2...89 White Turbo Targa Auto-$old
3...87 Burgandy NA HT W58-$old
4...89 White Turbo Targa Auto-$old
5...87 Black NA HT-$old
6...87 Black 1JZ Targa-$old
7...87 2-Tone Brown Targa Turbo R154-$old
8...87 Black NA Targa Auto-stripped/scrapped
9...89 Pearl White Turbo/Targa/R154-$old
10...88 Rattle Black Turbo/Targa/R154-$old