Window trim when repainting car


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Apr 1, 2005
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Since the rear 1/4 trim is not avail how does one salvage this trim.

The clips for the upper trim are not avail and I don’t see of a way to remove the current trim without breaking the clips. I’ve been carful on my parts car but still broke many of the clips. The lower trim looks like it’s virtually impossible to remove without destroying. The reason I ask is because my trim is in pretty good shape even though it’s 10 years since I last painted my other car and the trim was avail.

Also the front window trim is discontinued and I’ve see others use a rubber gasket, maybe they can be used around the rear 1/4’s? What about the rain guards over the doors for a hardtop, they are no longer available eaither.

suprarx7nut author
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Nov 10, 2006
Recondition them. I would not use anything like the universal stuff on the non windshield windows.

The rear 1/4 window trim upper clips are available, it appears. Part number 75049-14020. I verified with an importer as of Feb.

For the lower rear 1/4 trim: it comes off with the window and I don't think it should be damaged in any way during that process. You could probably recondition them while on the window, off car.

Rainguards over the doors: recondition them.

I was fretting this whole trim thing, but I think it's actually not a big deal. The trim is sturdy. It's all metal-backed. If your plastic is chipped, sand it off, body filler where needed, primer, paint. If the plastic is nice as is, scuff it up, primer, paint. Done.

Be really careful taking all that trim off, though. It's easy to get it off.. it's hard to get it off without bending anything.