What dealership in the USA sold the Original manufactured MKIV TOYOTA SUPRA?


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Jul 10, 2011
What dealership in the USA carried and sold the Original manufactured MKIV Toyota Supra???
Do you have any photos of the MKIV on the lot brand new???

I want to know what it looked like, the day you made your purchase of your Toyota Supra the day you signed the papers for the Toyota Supra at MSRP; pictures taken at the dealer of the supra before you drove it off the lot with 0 Miles/Kilometers on the Odometer.

What dealership did you buy your Supra from?

I want to see a picture taken in 1998 of your supra or multiple Supras At The Toyota Dealership when they were first presented in the United States!

What did they look like on the lot? The original 2jz-gte Toyota Supra in 1998? With 0 miles driven on them. BRAND NEW?! Brand spanking new off the lot! I want to know I want to see so bad. So much. I want the supra. :p

I want to know how much you paid for yours! Was it Brand new? Off the showroom floor in USA or Japan?