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Apr 29, 2018
Yorkville, IL
i Have trouble codes 13- ecu no signal from ne and 34- turbo pressure abnormal. These are both new codes today. A couple of days ago I swapped from the stock coils to the is300 coils w/ ngk plugs. After doing this the car wants to hit fuel cut as soon as I hit 10psi. Before going to the is300 coils I could hold 10psi all day. Now I just got home from work and threw it in diag mode and checked my timing advance, it’s right on 10* and I just set the timing and re timed the cps 5 days ago.

The obvious would be to swap back to stock coils and see how it does. I’m letting it cool now so i don’t burn all my skin off my hands lol so code 34 doesn’t surprise me if the coils are cutting out and causing me to hit fuel cut? Or maybe even a boost leak which I can check for tomorrow at work.

The code 13 is what’s throwing me off. I did just solder my cps but that was a couple of weeks ago now and haven’t had any issues since swapping coils.

I haven’t found much info on the code 13, does anyone have any info on maybe those 2 codes in conjunction or is this as simple as a coil issue and I’m worrying over much of nothing?

Mods are hks safr, Lexus afm, dm 550cc low impedence injectors, dm t4 manifold, holset hx35 12cm external gate, dm 4” intake, spearco style ic and 2.5” piping, authentic hks bov, full 3” turbo back straight pipe.

Also should add the car seems fine and normal unless I attempt to max boost then the coil cuts out. I did notice the coil on 6 arcing over while checking timing advance so it definitely needs to go and will as soon as it cools down some.
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