The GT Build - (2JZGE-T)


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Dec 30, 2005
I have a gear calculator in Excel if you want to use it.
Accounts for wheel size, trans gear ratios and final drive ratio.


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Feb 25, 2006
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Not a whole lot to report. I have a knock sensor re-wire kit and a COP harness from Yota Connectors ready to go on. I also have a new leather shift and e-brake boot. A few other odds and ends.

Truth be told, I've not touched the car in a while for a few reasons. My wife and I normally work in regional theater all across the country, so needless to say we've been unemployed since March. And will be for some time to come. So I'm a little hesitant to start working on a project with it, only to discover it needs a lot more money than I originally thought. Which... often happens. I've also been devoting a lot of energy to a new VO business so I've directed additional funds to new equipment to record with. HOWEVER. I did take the car out for a drive last week and it was just lovely.

It's incredible how a car that's too heavy, has no A/C, and isn't terribly fast can still be so satisfying to drive. Of course, the 15 years of ownership has a profound effect any time I get behind the wheel.

I love this car. I love what it represents for me. Failures and successes. Comfort and excitement. Frustration and satisfaction.

I was recently watching Ford vs Ferrari again and this quote hit me like a ton of bricks.
“But then, all of a sudden, I started thinking that sometimes words are not very... useful.
Tools are useful. You can make things with ‘em...
Fix things with ‘em.”

Front 3:4.jpg
Rear Taillight Shot.jpg

Take care gents. Take some time to appreciate your car today!

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