Stock Mk-4 Supras


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Jun 17, 2019
I was just wondering about your views on stock naturally aspirated mark 4 Supra. I mean twin turbo chargers are ofcourse awesome but what kind of experience are we talking about with a aspirated engine. Just want some experienced views on the uc browser shareit appvn difference between the two versions.
My curiosity ignited when I was browsing Supras on a website and the stock ones listed were significantly low priced than the twin turbo ones.
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Dec 4, 2006
You have to look at this differently. If you're buying the car for driving enjoyment, then an N/A or a TT car will suffice. Both are exciting, one is quicker than the other. So for cruising and weekend enjoyment, a naturally aspirated Supra is not a bad choice, maintenance is easier, and overall cheaper to maintain. However if you want power and want to build some kind of weekend racer, highway car, or just a lightly modded car. Then a naturally aspirated Supra can make a good base for a project, however in some ways you'll spend more making a TT clone (using the 6spd, engine, brakes, differential) then you would in some cases just buying a TT car. In other ways its cheaper to build a turbo Supra from a NA chassis. So its better if we understand exactly what you want and are looking for.