ST Sways rates or tangible comparison?


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Jun 13, 2007
Spokane, WA
Unfortunately Wiisass never got ahold of a set of ST Sways for comparison when he was doing his testing. I see these sways mentioned as much if not more than whiteline and tanabe (likely due to price) but I have never seen any data or valuable testimonials on them.

Has anyone ever seen any actual data related to these? Or have experience with ST's and white lines or Tanabes and can confirm if the front and rear are softer/stiffer than either of these known bars.

Based on specs

ST front - solid 28mm
ST rear - solid 24mm
Whiteline front - solid 30mm
Whiteline rear - solid 22mm

So possibly safe to assume ST front is softer than whiteline and rear is stiffer? Rears may be closer to Tanabe's hollow bar?