SIV 2014 - FULL Registration Information


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May 24, 2012
SIV 2014 Registration is open!!

Lets rep the MK3s!!

Link and info below

SIV 2014 - FULL Registration Information
Below is all the PAID registration information for SIV 2014. Every year we do our best to make it better, part of this is made possible by keeping the cost to you as low as possible. We have been able to keep the total to $57 per person, same as 2013.

We would like to thank our Sponsors who truly make this possible.

Driftmotion: - SIV 2014 Title Sponsor

FSR Motorsports: - Dyno Challenge and Drag Race Event Sponsor

Registration information:

- SIV 2014 Registration: $25.00
- Friday BBQ Lunch: $15.00 (per person)
- Official SIV 2014 T Shirt: $17.00 (per shirt)

*** Each tier can be purchased individually.

Total $57.00

- Dyno Challenge: $65.00 (per car - 2 power runs)

Paypal with your FULL name, Car year, Shirt size and phone number. If you do not have Paypal, please contact me.
Please Paypal to

Thank you to the entire Supra Family:

Miguel - PM, Call or Text: 805-340-6353