SAFC Thread

Mk3 TurboS

No not a "Turbo A"
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Mar 31, 2005
Well it almost brings a tear to my eye to think of all the valuble info we have lost, Espeacially regarding tuning. Now I have a question regarding the SAFC (no one can get in trouble for not searching, not yet anyway). I have my SAFC II installed and am taking it to the dyno this or next week to have it tuned. Now in regards to the hi an low settings is it worth tuning both. you can actually turn the throttle signal off and just tune it with RPMS. Just curious as I remember a few people setting there LOW thr pos to 0. and there HI to anything above, which would have the same effect. Thanks and anymore info regarding SAFC tuning may as well be throw in. And Yes a SAFC will increase fuel cut before that Q is asked. Thanks all.