RS232 on DB25 to log AFRs and RPMs??


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May 24, 2012
I recently picked up a NEO and have been researching how to tune it. I came across isnms Worksheets:

but in order to use them I need to log AFRs and RPMs.

I have an AEM wideband that has a serial output and it says to wire it to a DB9 connector, but the AFRs will do me no good without an associated RPM.

So I was thinking of using a DB25 connector to run two data inputs, and then I can log both AFR and RPM together. But I am really not sure what a "serial" input means...

Can I splice into the RPM signal that goes to the NEO and run it to one of the data inputs on the DB25 connector, the other input being the AFR serial output from the wideband? or is the RPM signal not a "serial" signal?

Any other ways to log AFM and RPMs?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated