Routing of AC hoses around sway bar


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Dec 11, 2006
San Diego, California, United States
I replaced the sway bars years ago, about the same time that I upgraded the AC to R-134. The system has sat, presumably charged for years. About a year ago I was looking at the hoses and the way they were routed didn't make sense. I took the bar off and re-positioned things so the bar goes between the two hoses. It felt right, but, of course it depends on exactly where the engine sits and the AC brackets mount, so it's a stupid assumption that I'm right based on what I know.

Please look at the pictures. I have circled the area in question and pointed to the sway bar for reference. Is the sway bar properly mounted, or do I need to move both hoses to one side, or the other? (If so, which side? I presume both hoses above the sway bar is the other option.

Here are the pics...

ac-hoses-around-sway-bar (2).JPG ac-hoses-around-sway-bar (1).JPG


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Mar 31, 2005
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Since I fixed my AC recently (see the sticky thread), I fought with this as well. The only way it worked was to have one over and one under, though I would've liked both over the bar. If only I had remembered to take a photo before I pulled off the original hoses. Nice to know over & under is right.
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