PNW Caravan to Supras in Vegas


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Apr 30, 2013
San Antonio, TX
Thought I'd share some photos from SIV (and any of you who are also on your way down - share yours:)

Yesterday morning Daryl and Cory left from Canada to come pick me up in Portland. I also had to work a half day to finish up a customer's supra project:

Yes that's my supra in the background and I'm sorry for not updating my build thread, I'll get to it damnit.
I finished up at 2 and at 2:30 they were at my place in Daryl's dodge diesel towing his mk3.

We headed out to Yakima to Shay's place where we stayed the night and left early the next morning.
My view at 6:00am:

Gassed up and met up with Michael in his mk2 supra for the cruise down:

Another 2 mk4s joined us on the road.... Kenny in the silver and I'm not sure the black one I think he bought it for the event??

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