Need some advice on Proseries Turbo Kit for 1JZ


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Aug 4, 2014
Hi guys, I'd like to go single turbo by this time next year however I need a bit of help achieving my power goals. I'm curious if anyone is using this kit (see below). It seems pretty reasonable price wise. My power goals are pretty modest. I'd like somewhere between 4-500whp, with boost coming on earlier the better. The peak I would ever want to run is 500whp but normally run it around the 440whp. What I do not want is power coming on late (with lots of lag before power hits). I was also thinking of getting the manifold that supports the QSV (quick spool valve) in case I want to add it in the near future (I will eventually go standalone but have to stage this out).

A/R: 0.96 610hp ---> ~500whp
A/R: 0.81 581hp ---> ~475whp
A/R: 0.68 555hp ---> ~455whp

Do you think I can achieve my power goals by getting a smaller A/R turbo or just a smaller turbo and upgrading my injectors? What I don't want to do is rely on turbo alone to achieve my 500WHP peak goal. I'm having a hard time writing this out so hopefully everyone understands what I'm trying to achieve (500whp streetable).

Thanks for any input!