monroe hatch supports?


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Aug 10, 2010
bloomingdale, illinois
I can't believe my original 32 year old toyota hatch supports have finally given way. I will be emailing toyota to complain about the durability of these ;-)

anyone use the MONROE 901455 shocks for the rear hatch?

I've seen threads mentioning the SACHS SG229017(18) but couldn't find any info on the monroe's

i know all the rear hatch plastic has to come out to gain access to the nuts that hold the oem brackets in so thats a non issue......

just curious if anyone's used the monroes as the sachs are double the price from what I've been able to find so far


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Nov 18, 2006
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Can't really beat $25 a side shipped with the needed brackets. The only thing I would recommend changing is the 4 metal screws it comes with and use 4 button head stainless steel ones just so it will not make a rusty mess later on:

I dont really know much about the Monroe struts but I know the link above works with the added weight of spoiler. If you do go with the Monroe, I would double check to make sure it works with the added weight of the spoiler and it includes the needed bracket to mount to the body.
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