Mo Boost, Mo Power, Mo 7m : 87 Turbo Supra 7mGTE Full Rebuild + Manual Conver + More


87T Supra
Authorized Seller
Nov 18, 2006
Lake County, IL
Well yesterday morning the Supra did not start but lucky it was parked in the garage. Right away I noticed I did not hear the fuel pump prime when the key was first turned so I started to diagnose it. Found the fuse I added for the fuel pump was blown. Tested the wiring, had to drop the tank and found a bad factory rivet connection/factory wiring on the positive wire side on the fuel pump hanger:

After going to all local auto parts stores and asking for a electrical bulkhead fitting for the fuel pump hanger (even bringing in the fuel pump hanger) they were all lost and did not know what I was talking about. Final stop at a Ace Hardware and I got all the stainless steel hardware, 12 gauge fuel rated wire, nylon washers with a insert and fuel tank sealer as well for extra insurance. Also got rid of all those factory ground rivets too and put bolts in place with new wiring. Fuel pump primes great now and sounds healthy after the install plus no more blown fuses.