Metra connector/plug for 91-92 6.5" speaker pods?


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Dec 28, 2018
I picked up some 91-92 6.5" door speaker pods to install on my '89, but they use a different connector type compared to pre-91 MK3 Supras. Does anyone know of a Metra connector that is compatible with them (see attached pics)? I thought I saw a post with something, but all I can find are the Metra adapters for connecting to the head unit, not the speaker end of the wiring. And everything I see on Amazon does not look like the right type of plug. I know I could also snip off the original connectors off my '89 pods and replace the connectors on the 91-92 pods, but I'd prefer not to chop those up and would rather replace the older style connectors on the door wiring instead -- if there's an appropriate corresponding connector from Metra or similar.

91-92 supra pod speaker connector 1.jpg

91-92 supra pod speaker connector 2.jpg