Marine layer cold Turbo kinda night


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Jan 19, 2020
Orange County CA
It was great to just take the car out for a local spin last night. We had a nice onshore marine layer flow here in Southern California. Cold dense air! :D

Anyhow, I realized I hadn't taken any exterior shots in quite a while.

For those that notice, I installed the YotaConnectors Home fog light rewire harness a few months ago. This allows you to turn on your driving lights with the parking lights, WITHOUT turning on your head lights. It works perfectly, and maintains the key off shutdown feature so you can't accidentally leave them on and drain your battery.

86.5-88 86.5-88 (Pre-89) - FOG Light Adapter Harness
89-90 89-90 - FOG Light Adapter Harness (I'm assuming 91 and 92 would work but they don't specify)

Anyhow :)